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Off to Rabanastre

We got back to the computer after watching Miraculous and found a huge backlog in the chat we go to, so now all our hopes of going to bed on time-ish may have been dashed, and also my concentration is all over the place. But I really wanted to talk about our trip to the Disneyland Office yesterday, so let's see if we can at least get started on it!

This week is the first week we haven't been blocked out from Disneyland since May, and despite all my bitterness, to be honest, I was a little excited to go back. As mentioned previously, our main goal was to try the ladybug desserts that they're offering as part of their Electrical Parade themed food offering. We made it to California Adventure later than we would have liked last week, so this time we made sure to wake up early and everything. To our surprise, we arrived before the park opened! Wow! We figured we had to take advantage, and so we participated in the ridiculous race to the Peter Pan's Flight queue. (But we were very determined not to run.)

So they finally let the ropes down and everyone started rushing off to their main attraction. It seemed like a lot of people had the same goal in mind, which was why I was so surprised to see nobody in line when the ride came into view. As we got closer, I heard the cast member shout something about how the ride wasn't open yet, please enjoy the other Fantasyland attractions. I did cackle a little. We're not sure if it was a deliberate ploy on Disney's part, as some kind of feeble attempt at discouraging the Peter Pan race or if it was just that cast members are having a harder and harder time waking up. Snow White's Scary Adventure wasn't open yet, either, though, so we had to stop for a while to decide if we wanted to hang out or find something else to do.

Eventually Snow White did open up, though, so we went on it! Ha! And right as we got off, Peter Pan opened up, so we went on that, too! Ha! ...And we complained about the weird-looking pixie dust as usual. Maybe we should just calm down and enjoy the rest of the ride. I mean, we do, but we also keep complaining. I just want them to fix it!!

...Anyway. After that, we decided to head down Big Thunder Trail, because after months and months of walking by the construction, we knew that's where we'd find the entrance to Star Wars Land. And I really should stop calling it that if I'm so annoyed that Disney kept changing all the names to include "land." It's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, get it right. ...But that's too long. This will take some thought. We'll just call it Rabanastre. Yes, I like this idea.

The entrance that's closest to Fantasyland seemed like kind of a secret back way, so that was fun and mysterious. It also had this pretty neat effect, because the border between Frontierland and Rabanastre is in a tunnel, and as you go through the tunnel, you can see the rocks and light fixtures change from Frontierland to Rabanastre. And it's especially neat, because it's not a glaring change, just like, "Hey, it's a little different on this side."

...And what you might be picking up from all of this is that we actually did not hate Star Wars Land. In fact, we think they did a pretty great job--we always knew they would, because it was such a big deal. It might be our new favorite thing (under Miraculous) if it weren't for the Star Wars branding everywhere. And boy howdy, it is everywhere. I mean, I'm not really a Star Wars hater; I just got fed up with the blatant Star Wars commercialism that had been plastered all over Tomorrowland and Downtown Disney, and to be honest I did hate The Force Awakens, but I didn't hate the Last Jedi because I chose not to see it because I was pretty sure I'd hate it. Now I can't officially hate it.

Anyway. The thing about Rabanastre is that we adore the aesthetic. Well, except for all the broken-down spaceships and droids everywhere. We're just not into that kind of mechanical stuff (although if it was more steampunk, I feel like I'd be more okay with it, for whatever odd reason). The aesthetic is why we call it Rabanastre, actually. For those of you who don't know, Rabanastre is the home town of the main character in Final Fantasy XII, and Galaxy's Edge had a very similar vibe to that. We want to go walk around it blasting the Rabanastre theme on some kind of music-playing device. (We also want to go on Smuggler's Run with a party of six people dressed as the main party from FF12.) I don't really know how to describe the aesthetic, though. I'm sure there are some art or architecture terms that apply, but I don't know what they would be. But it doesn't even really look the same--it just feels the same. You're just going to have to take my word for it. I will say that the vibe was strong enough that Athena actually remembered the name Rabanastre, which is amazing because I barely even remember the names of the characters in FF12. (Sorry, Basch.)

I think I can say that it also feels a little bit like Agrabah at DisneySea...but less orange and a gray-green? Which is even better, because I love green. There's a marketplace sort of area that has fabric hanging between all the buildings and stuff. It's really very cool. And the rock formations are really pretty, too!

The first problem we have with it, though, is that all the signs are in Aurebesh...I'm not sure if I'm spelling that right. It's the written language of Star Wars Disney Lands. All the really important ones, like for the bathrooms, are written more in an Aurebesh-style font than actually Aurebesh. I don't know if it's because we knew they made up an alphabet or because the letters are so different that we had a hard time reading even those. (Incidentally, we sometimes have difficulty reading English fonts that are designed to look like katakana, too.) So we had a really hard time figuring out what anything was, and it was a little frustrating. I must say, I admire their unusual (for these days) willingness to fully commit to a theme, but they also need to consider user-friendliness. Or maybe we're the only ones who had a problem with it because we read things differently. At any rate, there was a line of people outside a door that had us going, "Uh...?" Athena noticed an image of a martini-looking thing (we think; we don't know alcoholic drinks), so we figured it was the bar and moved on. When we walked by it again later, after we'd kind of figured out the font thing, we saw that it did say "Cantina" in large letters over the door.

Fortunately, even with the font issues, it was easy to figure out where the line for the one ride was, because they still had the giant sign that listed wait times, and the different queues (standby line, single rider) were very clearly labeled for Earthlings in large red letters (most of the time, all the sign letters blended in with whatever building they were labeling; also not a good way to make it clear where people are). The curious thing was that we couldn't figure out what was going on with the fastpasses. But it is getting late, so I will end the story there for now.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to a Rabanastre sort of place, getting to go on Peter Pan's Flight, finding Smuggler's Run without too much trouble, getting to see the 3Below finale, and getting our Sailor Moon t-shirts today.
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