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We had the choice of going to bed early to prepare for our trip to the Disneyland Office tomorrow or to watch another episode of Miraculous...and I think we all know what we went with. (It was Miraculous.)

Today was a little exciting in a way that really only affected us, so not that exciting for anybody else, like, at all. We had a chapter of the soccer simulpub today, and that one can really kill us sometimes, because of course we understand the general concept of soccer and it's not too hard to follow the strategies and stuff, but sometimes the lingo can be really tricky to find the right English for. But! this month's chapter didn't throw anything too in-depth at us, and it had some pretty dramatic action, so we finished it relatively quickly!

And that was exciting because we also had a chapter of Edens Zero to work on today! And that chapter turned out to...well, it had one bit where they got kind of talkative in a techno-babble direction, but it wasn't for long, and over all it was pretty dramatic, too. Drama is usually the easiest to translate. And! it had a lot more of one of our favorite characters than we'd seen in a long time, and that character was being pretty darn awesome, so it was really great.

Best of all, we finished it with plenty of time to spare! So we got some work done on Saint Young Men, too! And after we got all that work done, we still had time to watch Vinland Saga before dinner and calling Mom. So today has been super productive, and that was very exciting. And tomorrow we will go to Disneyland Office so we can try the ladybug cakepops and macarons. ...And I guess we'll check out Star Wars Land while we're there. And go on Soarin' Over California! ...But probably only once because it's so far away.

Today I'm thankful for getting through our work quota pretty quickly, having time to get a little extra work done, also having time to watch anime, having a lovely talk with Mom on the phone, and maple Oreos being pretty good even if they have literally no actual maple in them.
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