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The little things

Back to the usual routine today. This new series we're working on has turned out to be very kind to us, in that it's easy to translate and pretty darn cute, so that's nice. The happy and sad thing about that kind of series is that we finish the work so quickly--happy because it's nice to get things done, sad because it means we have more time to work on the more brain-drainy serieseses...which means brains get drained. And that means! we had a little bit of time to work on Saint Young Men, which today meant delving into some apocrypha. Oh boy.

In snacking news, we tried some Marie Callender's mini chocolate satin pie, and it was a winner. I mean, it was a winner as far as deliciousness. As far as plastic waste...much less of a winner, I'm thinking. This is where we need some creative type to come up with a use for mini plastic pie tins.

We also made an excursion out to Target, which seriously is going for that Tar-jay pronunciation more and more, my goodness (incidentally, tar-jay is NOT the French word for target). We had to get food for the moochers (the stray cats) and some kitty litter, so we asked our friend for a ride. And we wandered around as usual, which led to us getting a couple bags of caramel cheddar Smartfood that I'm pretty excited about. ...It's important to be excited about the little things.

Today I'm thankful for having a cute and not-too-hard-to-translate series to work on (only three volumes, but still), getting a liiiittle bit further on our Saint Young Men translation, the deliciousness of Marie Callender's chocolate satin mini pies, managing to sort of manage the temperature in our apartment on this hot day, and having a good time wandering Target with our friends.
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