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The dangers of being in charge

Despite having a dream this morning where I couldn't find my music and therefore the choir had to do the whole number a cappella, and the fact that one of the priests did in reality knock my music off the piano before it was time for the choir to perform, the actual performance went reasonably well. We think we might even be able to get a regular choir thing going (but not until after stake conference in two weeks), so it's kind of exciting.

The major downside of it is that we are realizing once more that being in charge is still pretty exhausting, and Athena has been pretty drained since we got home from church. We think this can be counteracted with either more sleep or more food, but oddly enough we're not quite sure how to make either of those things happen. We're just so disinterested in most food, and we hate having to go to bed early. We actually almost napped today, but we ended up chatting on Facebook instead. By the time we were done with the conversation, there was no time for napping. But we are getting the bedtime routine started early! If we don't stay up too late talking, we might get lots of sleep!

It's also been pretty hot lately, so that's probably contributing to the energy drain. That's bad because it's still summer, but good because it means it won't last forever. Maybe we'll remember to close windows tomorrow to keep the hot air outside.

Today I'm thankful for the choir performance going pretty well, not losing my music, the kids having fun in singing time, getting to watch more Relative Race (even if I hate hate hated how the episode ended), and having plenty of time to rest and relax.
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