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D23 misadventures

We're going to bed early tonight because the choir is performing tomorrow, which means we need to be at church early. We'd probably just say, "Eh, who cares?" and watch more Miraculous anyway, except that we learned recently that lack of sleep is one of the great destroyers in our life right now. In fact, we got plenty of sleep this morning, which may be why we had enough energy to go on yet another adventure!

...It really wasn't that great, though. D23 Expo is this weekend, so we figured it might be fun to dress up in Disney costumes and hang out around the convention center. We did consider shelling out the money for tickets, but we looked at the schedule and decided we didn't care enough about any of the panels for that. Still, we do have three sets of Disney costumes, and what better time to get some use out of them?

Actually, it's not the best time to get use out of them, because it's the middle of summer, and my Goofy costume has wool pants and a turtleneck sweater, while our Si and Am costumes involve fleece-lined leggings (hey, we made the costumes to be worn in October). Nevertheless, our Chip and Dale costumes are pretty okay for any weather (although they get a little warm with the hats), and they have the added bonus of being normal clothes with smocks over them, so we can walk anywhere incognito and put the smocks and hats on when we get to the venue. So that's exactly what we did!

...And we discovered that Robert Downey Jr.'s comment about D23 Expo being like Comic-Con with better security was no joke. They had wide areas outside the convention center cordoned off--sometimes even walled off--with security checks everywhere. Thinking about how they do things at Disneyland (as opposed to Anime Expo), it's possible that they would have let us through the security bag check without convention badges, but we didn't have the guts to try and find out.

We wandered around for a little while to see if maybe there was an area where con-goers were hanging out that was also accessible to the general public, but I guess the summer heat had everybody inside with the air conditioning, because aside from the foodtruck court, the outside of the convention center was pretty empty. We did see a ton of people with badges walking to and from the convention center, and I must say the ratio of plainclothes to cosplay was disappointingly high. We did see a handful of cosplayers, though, and the costumes looked pretty well done. We didn't ask for any pictures, because most of them were either beyond the security check or in the middle of something. Or wearing costumes we didn't really care about (sorry Elsa cosplayers).

And that was the end of that. A pretty boring adventure, but at least we got some exercise! And we even got a compliment on our costumes from a guy handing out flyers for another convention! So it wasn't a total bust. On the other hand, we didn't take a selfie outside the D23 Expo dividing wall, so you could say, since there are no pics, it didn't happen. I say it did happen, but you know. Whatever.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch plenty of Miraculous despite having to go to bed early, the grocery store having mini Marie Callender's chocolate satin pies, Kinder Joy still being on sale, having ingredients for more chocolate goodies, and not wearing ourselves out too much on our little adventure.
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