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Countdown to busyness

I think we're at the point in our schedule explosion where we realize it's happening but we're still a liiiiittle bit in denial about it. Or we're just super optimistic! Let me see if I can sort it all out...

By the end of next week, we have to finish volume one of a new series (first draft done, still need to edit), volume 12 of Waiting for Spring (completely unstarted), a chapter of our most difficult simulpub (here's hoping it's super dramatic with lots of big pictures and minimal dialogue!), and a chapter of our weekly simulpub. The week after that, we will spend a day and a half at Disneyland for Gaston's birthday (which means lunch (and, more importantly, dessert) at the Carthay Circle! woohoo!), do a chapter of our second most difficult simulpub (they actually kind of hover around the same difficulty range, so hopefully they're both easy this month), and head up north so we can attend our eldest nephew's baptism. All good things, but we won't be getting any work done when we're hanging out with people.

The next week, we'll have to finish this volume of Saint Young Men that's been kicking our butts. We actually set a deadline for ourselves of the end of the month, but told our editor a date about a week and a half later for insurance, and it looks like we'll be using that insurance. Ideally, we'd have two weeks to work on the next Sailor Moon after that, but! another super awesome (and I do mean that entirely sincerely) project came along...oh wait, I can't use "super" for this one; Sanzo wouldn't like it. Another ultra awesome project has come along, and it's due the week after Saint Young Men.

And maybe the context gave it away, but...! We get to translate Saiyuki!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I haven't had any time to let it sink in until now, but now it's sinking in and I'm so excited!!! ...Also a little worried, because we remember the first volume of Saiyuki being ultra hard. (We might not end up using "ultra"; we'll see what happens when we get there.) We already warned our managing editor that we might end up asking for more time because the deadline is surrounded by our two most time-consuming titles. It's been so long since we've translated any Saiyuki, I really have no idea how long it could take. Will we be able to get right back into the groove, or will it be like Noragami, where we get tripped up on things like "hai"? Only time will tell!!

In less exciting news, we didn't remember until this afternoon that the Sailor Moon Uniqlo shirts went on sale today, and we immediately went to the website to order some, but they were already sold out!!! GAH!!! On the one hand, we do have some connections to Kodansha that I wonder if they would be willing to help us obtain stuff like that, like by asking them to set shirts aside for us, but on the other hand, it's too late anyway, and I'm also not sure if asking would be seen as opportunistic and thus cause the connection to break. So we just wait for them to restock and wish our version of Disney Springs had a Uniqlo outlet... (The website says the shirts are available in store. There's a store a couple towns over, but we're not too keen on using Uber that much. Sigh.)

Anyway. Because of the growing mass that is our work schedule, today we worked after snacktime, which is something we'd been adamantly refusing to do for weeks. But we didn't work all the way until dinnertime, so we'll see if that comes back to bite us. In the meantime, we enjoyed watching some anime, and of course we followed that up with Miraculous. Tonight we watched the Frozer episode... Aahh...

Today I'm thankful for officially being the new translators on Saiyuki!!!!, not being totally destroyed by Saint Young Men today, the beautiful music in the Frozer episode, getting to revisit Fire Force again (I honestly can't tell if I like the episodes or not, because we're looking at and analyzing the subtitles too much), and puffy Pokemon stickers.
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