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A different sort of adventure

Today we had another adventure! This time it was so far, we had to not walk, and that is what made it an adventure. We'd been thinking we need to go to the temple, and while we do have friends to go with, sometimes we get a little overly anxious about making them make room in their schedules for us. I mean, they like to go to the temple, too, but there are times for it that are more convenient for them than for us and vice versa. And we'd never actually gone to the temple all by ourselves before, so we wanted to see what it would be like.

And so we used Uber for the second and third time ever. It made us super nervous. Even without the potential for the driver to just decide to drive off to the middle of nowhere and murder us (Uber actually has a few things in place to help prevent that), just the idea of sitting in a stranger's car for the duration of the ride is pretty terrifying. You can bet we were praying for friendly drivers.

Our first driver was very friendly and outgoing, and apparently was known for great conversation. He also seems to be working on a screenplay, and when that slipped out, I was like, "Ah, hence the Uber driving." It was fun, though, and we got to spend a lot of time on one of our favorite topics: the decline of Disney entertainment.

And then we attended a session at the temple! That was nice, and also uneventful. But we did get a lot of comments from people noticing our twinfulness.

There was some tension afterward, as we watched (via the Uber app) our driver struggle to find the pickup point. I was worried that somehow we'd gotten it wrong, so there was some running around trying to find him, and then I zoomed in on the map and discovered that we had been right all along. I can't blame him, though, because our earlier Uber driver had mentioned that people don't always wait at the actual pickup point. (We've also heard tales from our friend who drives for Uber that, for example, the pickup point for California Adventure is inside the park.)

But we made it home without incident, and our adventure was a success! So then we got some work done on a simulpub and then...we watched Miraculous. Some ruts you just don't want to get out of. (Page seems to disagree with us. She hung out with us while we were watching an episode of Dwight in Shining Armor, but I guess five times is enough for her when it comes to watching Miraculous. She didn't hang out with us when we were reading manga, either, though. (Oh yeah, we also read some more Buddha manga.))

Today I'm thankful for getting friendly Uber drivers, having a lovely session at the temple, managing to finish our translation, also having time to read manga, and the beautiful weather we had today.
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