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An unconventional day

Today we went to the California Adventure office. We got a late start, though, so we only managed to go on Soarin' Over California twice before we were starting to get antsy about getting to work. ...But we did see Mickey's Philharmagic inbetween, so that probably contributed. We needed to kill time before our fastpasses kicked in, and we needed to go to that side of the park as part of a sidequest we were working on.

The point is, we finally found a nice shady bench and pulled out the Chromebook to get some translating done...and were reminded that we had not charged the Chromebook. Our first thought was to see if we could find an outlet, since they leave those out for people to charge their phones, but the only one we know of is in Frontierland and we're still blocked out from Disneyland. And I'm still not entirely sure how "legal" it is to use Disneyland outlets, so instead we decided to go on the Little Mermaid ride and head home...after we went back to check on our sidequest progress and have a cookie break.

After we got home, we were too tired to do anything else. (I think we haven't been getting enough to eat, and we haven't been sleeping enough to make up for it.) So what we really wanted to do was watch Miraculous (as usual), but we decided we should do something productive anyway. Or at least something that felt more productive than watching TV. We didn't have the energy to get any "real work" done, but our trouble with Saint Young Men yesterday (that was yesterday? it feels like so much longer ago...) reminded us that at some point, and probably the sooner the better, we had better familiarize ourselves with Osamu Tezuka's Buddha manga. So we got the first volume on Book Walker, and we spent over an hour reading it! Tadah!

And after an hour reading and like 160 pages, Buddha hasn't even been born yet. It's pretty interesting, though, and our first real foray into the world of Tezuka. He definitely added things that were not part of the story where he could get away with it. There was one scene where all these kids were ganging up on another kid, and there's just randomly a morlock there. And you know it's a morlock, because it's labeled. One of the priests in a scene with a bunch of priests had a pig nose. Stuff like that. And I definitely think he appreciated Walt Disney's habit of surrounding the main characters with woodland creatures. So we'll look forward to reading more of that in the future, but our free time may be limited, because we also got some work emails today green-lighting a few things.

...So instead of doing the sensible thing and going to bed, we stay up late watching the Glaciator episode of Miraculous for the second time today. We just really like to see Cat Noir looking angstily off into the distance. They rightfully poke fun at that kind of thing in Ouran High School Host Club, but it still works.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go on Soarin' Over California again, getting to read the Buddha manga, getting to watch Glaciator again, getting to have some more of the super yummy Reese's peanut butter cup cookies from Earl of Sandwich, and having exciting new projects to work on.
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