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A miraculous connection

The sleepies are still hitting pretty hard today, so we're going to bed early. (...Unless we end up talking about Miraculous too much again.) The sleepies may or may not be helped by the fact that we started Phase 2 of another volume of Saint Young Men today. That series has always been brutal as far as the need for translation notes, but this particular volume is being exceptionally stubborn in regard to references that can actually be found on the internet. Or rather, it's stubbornly having references that cannot be found on the internet. We think it's a matter of Tezuka Strikes Again, but we are currently unable to confirm. Anyway, it's looking like part of our next paycheck will be devoted to Book Walker, and thence part of our free time every day will be devoted to reading Tezuka's Buddha. I'm pretty excited to read it, actually, but today has been a day of realizing how low our finances are getting...

In happier news! I may have mentioned before that the more we've been watching Miraculous, the more we've been realizing that a great many of the recurring characters sound like they're played by the same guy. There's a certain gravelly quality to his voice that acts kind of like a fingerprint, unless we're way off in our voice recognition skills. Well, thanks to season three listing voice actors by the main character they play, we've managed to identify the actor as Martial le Minoux, and tonight we looked him up on French Wikipedia!

We were especially curious about him, because not only does he play the majority of the adult male cast, he's also credited as something our limited French tells us is a voice director of some sort? Normally we'd be like, "Sure, just cast yourself as everybody!" but he does such a good job! If we're correct, he plays Jagged Stone, who is one of my favorite characters voice-wise because he speaks French with an American accent, and it's awesome.

But the exciting thing we found out is that he's the French dub voice of Sha Gojyo from our very favorite version of Saiyuki! And he's also the French dub voice of Tiger from Tiger & Bunny! And we think it's so perfect, because his main character in Miraculous is Marinette's father, and despite playing Gojyo, Hiroaki Hirata also has this warm, fatherly image in our minds. ...I don't know, maybe it's more exciting for us than for anybody else, but I'm still excited! Now we're wondering if Amazon Prime will let us watch Saiyuki in French.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the Dark Owl episode of Miraculous again, having at least a little editing done on this volume of Saint Young Men, Page following us around all day (and being super cute about it), getting to learn more about the cast of Miraculous, and having Hershey Gold to help us stay awake.
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