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I have to tell you. Ever since our experiment at Anime Expo where we discovered that sugar water is a viable fuel for us, we've been on the lookout for good sugary beverages. (Don't worry; we still mostly drink water. If we have a sugary beverage, it's either a once-a-day thing, a meal replacement, or accompanying a rare fastfood meal.) Last week, we rediscovered Ocean Spray. We remembered liking Ocean Spray way back when; I guess Dad would buy it sometimes.

And the grocery store had white-cran-strawberry and white-cran-peach, which both looked really good, so we tried it out (the peach one; juice is heavy, and we walk to and from the store)! The cranberries they put in everything do have a bitterness that can be off-putting, but they do a great job of balancing it out with the other flavor and sugar. Most other juices (even the 100% juice juices) tend to have a kind of watery flavor to us, so we like to have that added sweetness. And it has to be from sugar, not corn syrup...well, we like Hawaiian Punch, so maybe corn syrup is okay, but we just like to go with sugar. Anyway, the point is, we tried the white-cran-peach juice and it was really good, so we were like, "I think we have a juice brand winner!" (We also really like Dole, but Dole has to be refrigerated all the time, while Ocean Spray can stay on a shelf until we have room in our refrigerator (as long as we don't open it).)

So we were at the juice aisle, looking at the Ocean Spray to grab another bottle of juice, thinking we might try the strawberry this time...when we saw it. Ocean Spray just released a new flavor...or the test release was just deemed successful enough to start selling it at all the grocery stores. Anyway, the point is there was a new flavor that we are 98% sure was not there last week, and can you guess, based on yesterday's entry, what that flavor was? That's right, it was cran-passion-fruit. Obviously we grabbed it immediately and put it in our cart. But man, you guys. There's a picture of a sliced-open passion fruit on the label, and it looks so gross. Like, I don't think there's ever going to be a way for us to eat un-processed passion fruit, it's so nasty. But that's okay, because we have cran passion fruit juice! ...We don't know if those flavors will work together, but we're excited to try it!

In other news, today we gave ourselves a linguistic exercise! Instead of just watching Miraculous all evening, we watched the Miraculous Christmas special! But it's different, I promise! See, the Christmas special (for those who don't know) is a musical, and we've always been curious. The English subtitles are...not quite the closed captions for the English fact, there have been a few times when we were late to change the language (it reverts back to English for every single episode), and what we heard was not exactly what we read, so maybe they really are just legit subtitles. I don't know. We also know they're not exact matches for the French, either, but when we check the French captions, we get the vibe that the captions are the original script, while the spoken dialogue represents tweaks made during recording or somewhere else along the way.

Anyway. The Christmas special is a musical, and when songs are translated into English they have to rhyme in English, because that's how we do songs in English. And that means that there had to be extra adaptation, and it couldn't be a straight translation so much. And we've always been curious to see how the English really compares to the French, so this time we watched the special with French captions. It helps us with the French, too, because they can't go changing song lyrics willy-nilly, so now what the characters are saying out loud really does match the captions! ...Then they start speaking and it's all way different again. This has us very curious about the animation process in France. (Most of the time, the differences don't seem to change the meaning very much, but sometimes the caption is fairly short and the character just keeps talking and talking and talking.)

...And I don't know if that was possible to follow at all, but the point is, we like to compare caption to spoken dialogue to French to English to whatever. And the English translation of the songs was usually pretty spot on, despite tweaks made for rhyming. There were a couple of times where I was like, "You know, it would sound better if you worded it this way..." and a couple of times where the nuance got changed. (Not that we can say for sure, since we did have to get help from our friend Google-sensei. Athena's not that good at French, and I'm even worse. But there is one song that sounds very very much like Adrien in French (from what we could tell), but seemed to lose some of the personality in English.)

After that, we went back to our regularly scheduled Miraculous programming. We just love the show so much. And we were on Despair Bear, which is such a great episode.

Today I'm thankful for Ocean Spray's brand new flavor, getting to compare all the different Miraculous scripts (although I admit we did not compare the spoken English lines), having a nice chat with Dad on the phone, Page hanging out with us during our Miraculous viewings, and it looking like Toby is going to be in 3 Below a lot more from this point on.
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