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Sooooo coooooold......

But despite the cold, we've both managed to be productive today. We sent emails to people, and Athena finished the calendar/newsletter thingie for Relief Society, and we got some translating done, and we're still caught up on anime watching! Come to think of it, that doesn't seem like a whole lot, which just goes to show that productivity is not only measured by how much you got done, but by how important and/or intimidating the work was. Or something like that. I'd better not think too hard about this or I'll be making it way more complicated than it is.

Anyway, we got our replacement of the last disc of Infinite Ryvius today, so now we can finally watch the end (assuming the replacement disc isn't damaged). Dude, that Faina chick is insane. And let me tell you, the end of the first episode on that disc is not a fun place to realize that the disc is damaged and you have to get a new one.

Tonight I'm thankful that we can watch the end of Infinite Ryvius, and that we got those emails sent out, and for people to have cosplay groups with (even if only in spirit), fruit juice mix, and Symphony bars.
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