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Today we had an adventure! ...It wasn't really much of an adventure, actually, but we left the house, which might count for something. They're doing another event in Wizards Unite, and since we hadn't really left the apartment in so long, I had no spell energy, and we figured getting spell energy was a good enough reason to leave the house if we went somewhere fun when we did it. And so we decided to go to Target! Tadah!

Now, the last time we'd gone to Target, they were in the middle of rearranging everything, and it was entirely discombobulating, and we were there with our friend who observed (as we passed by a place that was apparently undergoing some construction), "I wonder what they're going to put here." Out of wishful thinking and a knowledge that Target seems to have special Harry Potter licenses, I said (half-joking), "A Harry Potter store?" Well, the next morning, we came across an article online about how Target was about to release a whole new line of super awesome Harry Potter merchandise, so it seemed like my theory was correct. But this was all several weeks ago, and we hadn't been back to check. So that was our mission for today.

So we made it to Target...and there was no Harry Potter store. They were still in the middle of some serious remodeling, though, and in fact, it was even worse this time than last time. We had a few unusual things we were interested in buying (a blank greeting card, a journal...), so we spent a long time exploring the store's aisles. We also went through all the toy aisles to see if they had any Miraculous merchandise (they did not). The only Harry Potter stuff we found was the books and some toys (Lego has some pretty awesome playsets), so I don't know if they're just holding onto it until they finish remodeling (including a Harry Potter store), or if this particular store has eschewed Harry Potter merchandise because of its proximity to Disneyland. Either way, I was bummed out that I couldn't get a Ravenclaw journal or some Ravenclaw pajamas. Oh well.

We bought the things we could find (most importantly: Brita filters), and then we went to Joe's Italian Ice in the hopes it could help us feel better. And it could! You guys. There are two things that were super awesome about this particular visit. First of all, Joe's is the home to not one but two inns in Wizards Unite. So while you enjoy your Italian ice, you can check in every five minutes to get more spell energy. Best inn situation ever.

And second, one of today's flavors was passion fruit!! Woohoo!!! See, one of our other missions today was to be on the look out for passion fruit flavored things, most particularly macarons. There was a place on the way to Target that sold macarons, but it's gone now, so we couldn't check out their flavors, and we told ourselves we'd just have to hope they have passion fruit at one of the macaron stands at Disneyland, even though we think it's unlikely. You see, one of the newest episodes of Miraculous revealed that passion fruit is Adrien's favorite flavor of macaron. And you know how we are with fruit (we don't eat it...we are very gradually trying to work on that), so we don't really know what passion fruit tastes like, so we were like, "Okay, we have to find some passion fruit something so we can try it!" (Actual passion fruit is way beyond our current capabilities.)

So now, here we were at Joe's, and they had passion fruit ice! So we tried it, and we liked it! But as usual, tropical fruit continues to have an odd aftertaste, so we got it with soft serve ice cream, and together, they made a very tasty treat. And it took longer to eat, so we had that much more time to fill up our spell energy. And that was the happy ending to our slightly disappointing adventure.

Then we came home and had to do laundry, but after that, we got to read some Fire Force manga, and that was a lot of fun. We watched the latest episode of Fruits Basket, too, and I have a rant about pronouns for that one, but I don't know how long it could be, so I'm not going to post it today.

Today I'm thankful for passion fruit Italian ice, getting out of the house today, having clean laundry, at least knowing we'll (probably) get to try ladybug macarons at Disneyland (special offerings for Electrical Parade season), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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