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A reminder from Colette

We're still trying to figure out the most productive use of our time. We got a good amount of work done today, which was especially great because it involved getting started on a new series. With new series, you never know how it's going to go, so we're extremely grateful that it seems like this one isn't going to give us very much trouble.

After that, we just wanted to relax for a little bit. We're still unreasonably tired, and we're not sure if it's because of the heat, because we're still not quite getting the right amount of sleep (despite all our not working, we're still staying up late talking), or because we need to exercise or something. We briefly entertained the idea of adventures to help with that last one, but ultimately decided it was too hot, so we got some more work done instead.

And then we watched 3 Below, which has us increasingly disappointed with the main characters' failure to use all four of their arms. Like seriously, if you have four hands, why do you only have a weapon for one of them? It seems entirely inefficient. With two hands, it makes sense to have a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other, so with four hands, you'd have two more hands for another two weapons, or another weapon and shield. And the weapon these characters use can transform into a shield, which means now they have three free hands. Then they have these fight scenes where they keep struggling, and we're like, dang, if only you had more hands, you could use more weapons and be more of a threat against the badguys...oh wait.

It's actually a very very minor issue they had in Trollhunters, too, because Blinky has four arms, and usually, like with the characters in 3 Below, he uses the top two arms like a normal human being, while the bottom two hands most often either hang limp or mimic the upper arms. But why would a creature evolve four arms if they weren't going to use them? I have similar issues about portrayals of mermaids and tentacled creatures. In Monsters U, there are creatures walking on tentacles all over the place, like the tentacles are legs.

And most animated mermaids move just like humans on land. That's the most frustrating of all, because first of all, mermaids have no use for knees, so sitting with their "knees" bent makes no sense, and second of all, they're underwater, which gives them three dimensions to move around in, so why are they always just hanging in the air like they're trying to stand up? That's why I love the animation for "Part of That World" so much--Ariel really uses all the dimensions. And she doesn't bend her "knees" as much in that scene.

Anyway. Come to think of it, there are probably creatures with more than two arms in Treasure Planet. We should rewatch that.

We also read some manga! Tadah! Athena only had one chapter left in the last volume of Alive that we currently have (there's at least one more omnibus out now), while I had a whole half of Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki, so while I finished that, she pulled out the Manga Park app and looked for something new to read. She found something called "Colette Decided to Die" by Alto Yukimura. And oh my goodness, apparently it was fate. I mean, first off, Colette is a French name, and you know we're on a major French kick right now. And second of all, it's about an overworked woman who finds herself in the underworld and decides she would like to stay there if it means she would never have to work again.

So the new reminder that overwork is super damaging helped us feel better about making the decision to spend the rest of the evening watching Miraculous again. And we have now seen the season three episodes four times each (except for Oblivio, which we watched an extra time because we love it). It really is just what we need to help us feel better about life.

Today I'm thankful for making it halfway through the first draft of a new series (especially since we started it in the second half of our workday), finding a new manga we can totally relate to, artists who make full use of evolutionary differences, having plans to go on adventures tomorrow (when it's supposed to be cooler), and having ice cream waiting for us to eat it.
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