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Down the rabbit hole

We were on track to go to bed a little early, but then we got distracted with news of the Netflix series that is basically Not Gilmore Girls, apparently?, and we found ourselves going down a bit of a rabbit hole. Based on all the information we've gotten, it looks like it's a Gilmore Girls AU? I have mixed feelings about Gilmore Girls anymore. We watched it back when it was on the WB and we really liked it all the way to the end because that was back when we still liked things out of loyalty. We re-watched it a few years back and still really liked it until Rory helped Dean cheat on his wife...and we still enjoyed it well enough, but dang, Rory was annoying. Then we read an article about how Rory Gilmore is literally the worst, and we were like, "Whoa, they make several excellent points." And then we watched two of the new episodes that aired on Netflix and we just couldn't even with them, so we never did watch the rest of it.

...So I think what will determine whether or not we watch this new show is if the trailer starts automatically playing in French and we hear a voice from Miraculous.

Anyway. The routine continues. This time, we used some of our free time to read more Percy Jackson. The story is getting more interesting now that they're not trying to drag out the mystery of what the heck is going on anymore. I do have to say...

That this talk of Percy Jackson just sent us down another rabbit hole. See, as I was typing that last paragraph, I was like, "And this business about Athena (the goddess) having children is nonsense, because she was a virgin...wasn't she?" So we had to go to Wikipedia to make sure, and yes, she was, but more importantly, she is also credited with the invention of a musical instrument called the aulos, and we're like, "What! Obscure musical instruments!? That's right up Athena(not the goddess)'s alley!" So we had to see if we could find some for sale, and we couldn't, but there's a company called Aulos that makes recorders, and I was like, "Well, maybe if we can get a good one, it won't sound so horrible," and it turns out they only cost like five bucks...which means there's a good chance they would sound pretty horrible without proper knowledge of how to play them. We'll have to think about it. In the meantime, Athena (not the goddess) still has her whistles and fifes and ocarinas.

And other than that, it's just been work and Miraculous. They're doing an event in Wizards Unite which may or may not motivate us to leave the apartment tomorrow, but the weather's been pretty hot, so it's tough to say. Well, that, and the fact that we're working again, and by the time we're done working the kids will be out of school, which means they might be at the park, which means we won't have it to ourselves. We'll have to think about it. ...Maybe we should walk over to Joe's for some Italian ice...hmmm...we'll think about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Weredad again, finally getting that translation turned in, amusing internet rabbit holes and the will power to not get too deep into them, obscure musical instruments, and also getting to watch Gamer 2.0 again.
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