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Changing it up (slightly)

We didn't meet our work quota today, but fortunately we still have enough room in our schedule that it's not a problem. We probably could have gotten there with another hour or two, but we are stubbornly sticking to our current no-work-after-snacktime rule, because we think it's the best way to eventually get over the "I never want to work again" thing we've been going through.

So instead, we started watching 3 Below. We watched four episodes of it and we're still not sure how we feel about it. We definitely prefer the fantasy aesthetic of Trollhunters to the sci-fi aesthetic of 3 Below, and Trollhunters benefited enormously from the presence of Toby, who is still our favorite character of that whole world. It's weird, because I think I like the characters in 3 Below well enough, but for some reason I'm having a hard time being interested in them.

Of course we paid attention to the French dub cast, and discovered that the Momblank (a robotic '50s mother type character) was dubbed by the voice of Ladybug herself! What! Even though half the supporting characters in Miraculous are played by the same actor and actress, Marinette only plays Marinette (as far as we've been able to identify), so we had to hear this! So we played some clips in French, and oh my goodness, she sounded so different! There were only a couple of lines where I could go, "Yeah, I can hear Marinette." We were impressed.

When we were done watching 3 Below I realized we forgot to check the Japanese cast. But we can't just pull up Japanese clips on Netflix like we can with French, so... (We could watch it in Cantonese if we wanted to, though.)

Anyway. After that we got hit with the blahness that comes from the realization that we're spending all our time watching TV, so instead of going straight to Miraculous (even though it's our favorite thing ever), we decided to add some variety to our lives (because we've seen every available episode of Miraculous at least three times) and we read manga! Tadah! Hopefully we'll be able to make this a more regular thing, or I'll be halfway through Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki volume...whichever one I was reading...forever. I mean, of course we can make it a regular thing, as evidenced by the copious amounts of Miraculous we have time to watch. The trick is remembering priorities.

...After that, we got back to Miraculous. We had to, though, because it wasn't until we watched the last episode of the new batch for the third time that we realized the French voice credits actually listed what actor played what character now (for the first two seasons just listed a bunch of actors; we had to go to Wikipedia to figure out who went to which character, and then we didn't want to look too hard in case the character descriptions had spoilers (French has too many words that are too close to English, especially in writing)), and we couldn't just cue up the episode to the very very end of the credits. I mean, Netflix really won't let you. Okay, so we could have cued it up to the end of the episode, but that just seems silly when we all know we were just going to watch it again anyway. And now we finally know the name of the two people who play the majority of the adult supporting cast.

Today I'm thankful for having enough room in our schedule that it's okay not to meet our work quota when a series gets talkative, getting to check out 3 Below, getting to read manga, getting to see more detailed French voice credits for Miraculous, and it being almost time to eat some ice cream.
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