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Busy Sunday

Whew, today has been a busy day. Choir practice went pretty well. We didn't manage to get the word out as far as we'd hoped, so the turnout was small, but they had heart. And the two women who instigated the whole thing to begin with have beautiful voices and are not afraid to project, so that will help. And even though we only had one Spanish-speaker show up (fortunately he also speaks fluent English, our old friend who's been in the choir since Athena's been choir director), everybody was down with singing part of the song in Spanish. So that's pretty exciting.

We also helped with the music for tonight's seminary kickoff fireside, where they had a bunch of talks explaining to all the high school kids the blessings of seminary and the importance of seminary and stuff. That's still a tough one for me, because even though I have a strong testimony of the importance of studying the scriptures, I had a hard enough time keeping myself awake today after getting up for nine o'clock church, and seminary starts at 5:50 every weekday. We went to it, too, while we were in high school. It didn't start until six, but naturally we still struggled. (Now they offer an online option...I wonder if "inability to rise before the sun" would have been a good enough reason for them to let us take that one.)

Still, I will never forget the love and kindness showed to us by our former Young Women's president who substituted for seminary a few times when we were in high school. Once she substituted on our birthday, and she woke up extra early to bake Ghirardelli chocolate chip muffins, just for the two of us. And the truly amazing thing about it is that it was her birthday, too. She was really a wonderful person.

Anyway. Now we are very sleepy, and we need to get back to work tomorrow. We're excited, though, because when we're done working, we can watch Miraculous some more!

Today I'm thankful for choir practice going reasonably well, another crazy episode of Relative Race, fond memories of great Young Women's leaders, fond memories of warm Ghirardelli chocolate chip muffins, and getting to check out a new show (Holy Traveler).
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