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Back in the choir game...maybe

Today was full of the usual Saturday dilemma of should we do chores and be productive or should we just watch Miraculous all day. We decided to do chores and be productive! Tadah! Sort of. We got a late start on the usual Saturday routine because we wanted to see about buying supplies to start making Pokemon pompoms, but! we discovered that the most recommended yarn for the projects is only available in Japan! or on Japanese eBay-type websites. That made things tricky. The book on making Pokemon pompoms does have a yarn guide, so you can go to a store that sells yarn and compare the width to that pictures in the yarn guide, then buy yarn that's the right width or adjust the pattern accordingly. But then we got a little flustered about the complexities of buying yarn and gave up on the whole thing. Hopefully just for today.

And then we went to the store and did other productive things! Tadah! One of those things included finding sheet music for a choir number. See, two weeks ago, a new woman in the ward and her friend came up to Athena and asked if she was the person in charge of choir. From the question alone, we could tell she was actually interested in joining the choir, which is great! because the biggest hurdle we've had in doing choir numbers for the last several months is that we can't generate interest in participating. It's slightly less great because we're not sure just those two people will be enough to really get a choir going, but we're going to try! This time it's going to be a little extra intimidating, because we're hoping that some people from the Spanish-speaking group will attend. The intimidation, of course, comes from our inability to speak Spanish. (I got a 3 on the AP test in high school...19 years ago. I've forgotten most of my Spanish since then.) So we're reeeeally hoping some of the bilingual ward members come to practice to help us interpret (Spanish/English bilingual, of course; I mean, if you want to get technical, Athena and I are bilingual, but our bilinguality will not help us in this situation).

On the bright side, we found our music for a simple but not-just-the-hymnal arrangement of I Am a Child of God, which we're hoping will be a good choice because that's one of the songs that we think is available in every language version of our hymnbooks, which means everybody knows it in one language or another. And I guess it will depend on who all shows up for practice how many verses we sing in what language. That's the other intimidating thing about this choir practice: too many unknown variables that won't be known until practice. But we'll do our best!

We also watched the latest Fire Force. This week's installment was strange, because I'd already had my internal bias against the subtitles, but when we checked them against the manga...a lot of them were very much the same... I guess this is a lesson in dropping prejudices. But anyway, at the rate they're plowing through material from the manga, they should be done in Asakusa by the end of episode 12 or 13...and since word is this is going to be a two-cours anime, that means we'll probably get to see Vulcan after all!! Woohoo!!

Today I'm thankful for having some Haagen Dazszsz ice cream to look forward to, having people in the ward show an interest in choir practice (worse comes to worst, maybe we'll just have a small ensemble), finding the music to a song we think everyone can sing, another pretty fun episode of Fire Force, and getting to watch Miraculous some more.
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