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I did start to update yesterday, but our computer decided it didn't want internet anymore, so I had to restart and when I got back to LJ, I tried to restore the saved draft, but it was gone. And it was extra late by that time, because I was chatting with people online while I wrote it, so then I was like, "Ugh, whatever. Forget it." It wasn't really a great entry anyway, because with my divided attention I'm not sure the writing was coherent.

The gist of it is that we've been watching Bring the Funny, and we're pleased that JK Studios has moved on to the third round. What I didn't say, because I didn't have the focus to articulate it, is that while we do like JK Studios and are definitely rooting for them, we don't always like their sketches, so I'm really happy that I think their entries into this contest have both been really funny so far. (Although both sketches have been posted on their YouTube channel, so we saw them before they were on Bring the Funny, and oddly, we didn't think they were quite as funny then. But on Bring the Funny they were both great. I guess some concepts just work better for stage than for cinema.)

As for today, today we finished watching Trollhunters, and we didn't really like the finale. We had to discuss it to put our finger on what it was that bothered us, but we did eventually figure it out. It mostly had to do with making Jim into a troll. I did want to see Troll Jim, but I kind of have issues with permanent species changing. And even though the promotional art had the armor suits for Claire and Toby, which don't actually show up until there are only about four episodes left (out of fifty-ish), none of it had Troll Jim, so we were pretty well convinced that either the transformation wasn't going to be very drastic, or it wasn't going to last, whatever Merlin said. We were wrong, and I guess that's okay, story-telling-wise. So what I'm saying is, it's not necessarily a bad story, but I still don't like it.

But here's the other thing that we figured out. One of the main themes of the story, the whole reason its called TrollhunterS with an S even though they keep talking like there's only one, is that all of Jim's friends help him fight trolls, and "My friends are my power!" like in Kingdom Hearts, so he's strong because they all work together. So it makes perfect sense that in the final battle against the last boss, they would each play a very important role in finishing her off. You know who doesn't really play a role in finishing her off? Jim. The guy who CHANGED SPECIES in order to win the war. ...He did defeat Gunmar, so there's that, I guess, but then Morgana basically killed him and he was out of commission for all the really important stuff at the end...unless you count killing Angor Rot? I don't know.

The point is. As Jim was going through with the whole species-changing spell, his family and friends are pounding on the bathroom door saying, "You don't have to do this! You're not alone!!!" You know, reminding him that it's not his own physical prowess that saves the day so much as the bond he has with his friends and family. And at the time, we were like, "It's okay, he's just going to gain the physical abilities of a troll, not necessarily change species. Or if he does change species, it won't be as permanent as Merlin says. Merlin's a jerk anyway." So we weren't too unhappy about him going through with it, but then we were wrong, and to top it all off, the species change wasn't even helpful in the final battle. And they didn't even change him back!

...But maybe we're being unfair. The actor who played Jim passed away in the middle of the third season (or season two part two? Netflix is doing things weird these days), so it's possible that that derailed the original story. Maybe they were planning to spend more time with him being a troll, or more time leading up to the decision to change at least. I don't know.

I just wish that, since they keep hammering on the point that now he's part troll and part human, he would at least have some tolerance for sunlight. Or a taste for human food. Like, don't make him give up everything he's used to, sheesh.

So that had us feeling quite rarful, which resulted in us saving this week's anime for some other time in favor of watching Miraculous, which we knew would make us feel much happier. We were not disappointed, and I was feeling pretty good about things until I started dredging up my own annoyance at Trollhunters. When will I ever learn? (Not soon, I'm thinking. We're still fully intending to watch 3 Below.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Trollhunter finale, Toby getting to do important things in the final battle (he's our favorite character even without his French dub voice), meeting our work quota today, Miraculous making everything better, and Page liking to sit by our chairs.
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