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Waiting for Spring volume 11

Just another day of work, Trollhunters, and Miraculous. This time we stopped just before Weredad, which was a little tough, but we really like the episode before it, too, so we're satisfied. And! It's Review Rednesday, which means we get to post a review! So here it is, our review of Waiting for Spring 11! Spoilers ahead!

After turning in a translation for a book that was not on our to-do list (due to a lack of space on said list resulting from a failure to cross things off), we figured we should write a review or two so we could clear off some space. We've been procrastinating because all we want to do in life right now is watch Miraculous. We also had a bit of chaos in our translation schedule, so the order of reviews to write is kind of like, "Uh what now?" See, we had just gone to Disneyland with Sarah and her kids, and we had a week to finish Hatsu*Haru and Missions of Love before going to Disneyland with Celeste and her kids. We were working diligently but not too hard because we're still reluctant to do our job and forcing ourselves to work overtime will only make it worse. Besides, we were right on schedule for meeting both deadlines. In fact, we were sort of working on both of them at once, but that was just because of how the schedule worked for each phase in the process, what with a chapter of Cramer to add to the mix.

Then came the fateful Wednesday evening. We got an email from our editor on Waiting for Spring. She wanted to know if there was any hope of meeting the deadline of that very day that we had agreed upon in the past. We had forgotten all about it, because (if I remember correctly) at the time we discussed it, we knew we might need some wiggle room (ideally we would have finished an entire volume of Sailor Moon before this, too; we're still working on that one), so we never put it on our calendar. And somehow we never got the book, either. So here we were on the due date (Wednesday night) with zero percent of the work done and not even a book to translate, and our editor says she can give us until noon. So off to Book Walker we went, and all other plans for the evening evaporated. We worked until bedtime that night and then worked until bedtime the next day, and by the grace of God, we finished it! Tadah! ...And it might be incidents like that that have me wanting to run far away from the computer as soon as we decide we've met our work quota.

And now that you know the story of the intense circumstances of this translation, let's see if I can remember anything that happened in the book! Oh yeah, basketball! They played a game, and there were other games, and it was like a tournament or something? They won, they lost, there was a crash? ...Okay, I remember the crash, but that would be going out of order. Hold on a sec while I remind myself where this started.

I think it had Rentaro...yes! It was New Year's! And Towa wanted to go practice, because he never wants to do anything else, but also! because he had a terrible terrible dream that he missed a shot and lost his team the game and Aya won everything! ...Actually, no, it didn't go that far. His dreams were not as elaborate as Marinette's or Adrien's...but that's the wrong series. The point is, Towa was feeling like a loser. And I still have to shake my head about these boys who seem to think that Mitsuki's love for them depends on the outcome of one basketball game. I mean, sure it's a tournament that's kind of the culmination of several games, but come on. But in Towa's defense, whatever Mitsuki's feelings are for him, he won't be able to date her unless he wins this game, so I'm glad that Anashin made it so there really were some romantic stakes to this tournament, because would probably still be fun, but it would make no sense.

Let's talk about Rentaro for a second. He showed up and Towa and his grandpa were all, "Great, someone to drag to practice!" and we were like, "...What's that kid's name again?" We could not remember for the lives of us. We knew we'd seen him before, too. I just called him "Neighbor" in the script whenever he said something until they finally called him by name. He was really cute, though, going to their first game of the tournament. And then when Mitsuki went to try to show Towa she wasn't avoiding him, how he helped out with his signs. That was the best.

See, Mitsuki was feeling awkward because she almost confessed her love to Towa, so she was too shy to really acknowledge him or say hi or anything, and Reina was all, "He's going to think you're avoiding him!" and that freaked her out again, so she went to talk to him after the game to put his mind at ease. But this is the best part! He was like, "Yeah, I figured." You gotta love a guy who knows his crush well enough to not get all bent out of shape about things. And then Mitsuki told Towa about her dream, where they won the game, and he felt much better.

But! it wasn't enough to get him back on his game. See, Towa hasn't been playing like he usually does, and everybody assumed it was because he was brooding about Mitsuki, but the truth is! It's something else! And they don't reveal what it is in this volume! All we know is that he's secure enough in who he is that he doesn't seem like he would be destroyed by whatever's going on with Mitsuki and Aya.

Now let's see...Seiryo win their games and make it to the finals league, and then it's the night before the game with Aya. Of course they have a party at the cafe, and Towa's getting ready to walk Mitsuki home when who should appear but Aya! Dun dun DUN!!! Aya asks if he can walk Mitsuki home instead, and Towa says sure, but he has to talk to her first. See, Towa had been wearing a wristband that Mitsuki wrote on, but he wanted to give it back to her. What! Oh no! He promises her that it doesn't mean his feelings for her have changed, but he wants her to think about her own feelings without feeling obligated to consider his. ...I mean, not in so many words, but that's what it boiled down to. The problem is, she didn't have all the context we as readers did, so even though he did explicitly tell her that his feelings hadn't changed, she was freaking out.

And here's the...I don't know how to describe it. The !!! part, the <<<3 part, the TT^TT part? ...Oh but I'm getting ahead of myself. We're not supposed to see this scene until the flashback later.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki's rival Maki has been hearing things. She knows that Towa likes Mitsuki, but she's heard that Mitsuki's been hanging out with a guy from Hojo, and guess who Seiryo is finally playing today!? It's Hojo!!! Dun dun DUN!! So now everyone wants to know--who is Mitsuki really cheering for? And we were like, "Why would you even doubt?" And, I mean, come on, even if she was rooting for both teams, who cares? It's high school basketball, not life or death. But then when Seiryo is falling behind, she's like, "Come on, guys! We have to cheer harder!" and then they're all like, "Oh good, we were all worried, since you went home with Aya last night." And she's like, "Of course I'm rooting for Seiryo, and I'm going to make my feelings clear to Asakura-kun after the game." And they're like, "What about Aya?" and she's like, "He already knows how I feel."

And now we go back to the indescribable scene. Mitsuki was super sad after she left Towa the night before, and she couldn't figure out why. But Aya knew why, and he was so sweet because he told her. "You're sad because you're in love. With him." And we're all, AWWWWWW!!! Seriously, it's hard to know what to make of Aya, but I can't help loving the guy. I'm glad he was finally able to let Mitsuki feel her feelings. So the two of them talked it over, and while he still hasn't entirely given up on her, Aya respects her feelings for Towa. And now he's talking about going back to America.

Meanwhile, back at the game, Seiryo was losing big time, but then they managed to pull themselves together and make a comeback! And they were only ten points behind with one minute left in the game when Towa and Aya ended up both crashing into the chairs by the court! Oh no! And Towa passes out and Seiryo loses the game. That's the much less dramatic version. If you want the good version, you'll have to read the book. I have to say, though, there was a part where Ryuji was all, "That's okay, they have one star player, but WE have TEAMWORK!" so then they were all ganging up on Aya, and he looks them squarely in the eye and passes the ball to a teammate. And he says, "We have teamwork, too, duh." And I really appreciate stuff like that, but I don't have the brain power to explain why. It's just good, okay.

But the important part about the crash is that Towa got more hurt because he was trying to make sure Aya didn't get hurt, which he was doing because he could tell that Aya still hadn't fully recovered from his leg injury. And that's important because it shows that Towa really is a great guy. He's as unbelievably nice as Adrien from Miraculous! And I love it. I love to believe that it's possible to be that nice. We should try it sometime...

So the game ends and Mitsuki goes to make sure Towa is okay, and she finally tells him that she likes him, too! Awwwwww! And she gives him his wristband back. And the series is still not over, but I'm not sure why... I guess they still can't date each other, so that needs to be resolved. I mean, I love the series, so I'm okay with it still going, I'm just not sure how much is left to tell. I guess we'll find out!

Awww, what a nice series! We'll be working on volume twelve sometime soon! And you can tell that this review was written at the height of our Miraculous obsession...I mean, you know. One of the heights. It's kind of a mountain range. But don't let our obsession with Miraculous detract too much from Waiting for Spring! They can both be super great! And they are!

Now we're back to a pretty sparse release schedule, so first I'll tell you that this week's new release is...My Monster Secret 17!! And then I'll tell you that if you want to read the review of it without being spoiled, you'd better get the book and read it by next week, because that's when the review is going up! So tune in!

Today I'm thankful for getting to look back on Waiting for Spring, getting excited to work on the next volume, getting to work on Fire Force today, Cat Noir and Phoenix the Fiery (the subtitles say Fiery Phoenix, but you know how we are with subtitles), and Mamoru Miyano being back on his blog.
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