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Watching Beauty and the Geek always makes me sad because I hate to see people being eliminated. But things are going well. We're finally all caught up on our anime watching, and we even had some time to work on translation and emails. Both of our next things for work are things that we don't have the books for yet, so we've been working on Saiyuki Gaiden. Konzen is so pretty in his China dress with his hair down! Kanzeon Bosatsu really messed up his fashion sense.

I wonder if the reason black cats were considered to be witches is not only that they're the evil color black, but also because black cats (or at least Mimsy) seem to have a habit of staring at people. It can be unnerving. But with Mimsy, if you just stare back at her, she'll get unnerved herself and stop. It's cute.

Tonight I'm thankful for spaghetti, China dresses, cute tiger pictures for March, pretty silver lettering, and ink cartridges.
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