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Slow progress

I'm...not sure anything really eventful happened today. There was something that almost happened, but I'm pretty sure almost happening doesn't count. Of course we watched a bunch of Miraculous. We were super sad that we had to turn it off before watching the last of the new episodes. It's okay, of course, because we'll just watch it tomorrow.

...And that's all. Oh! But we're sort of maybe almost getting closer to doing our translation walk-through blog. The hard part at this point is choosing scenes from manga to demonstrate translating. The idea is to present the Japanese text, how we get a rough draft, and how we turn that into a polished translation. The number of steps demonstrated will naturally depend on the lines of dialogue, but we're kind of hoping to go into way more detail than anyone even thought possible.

And the good news is, we've managed to narrow down some manga to use (we'll use excerpts small enough that they should fit into "fair use"). We decided we definitely want to go with series that we translate ourselves (that way we won't be inciting any criticisms against other official translators by accidentally ending up with a different translation) that we know are currently also being fanslated (which will hopefully illustrate to the readers that the legal version is worth reading). That still leaves us with choosing specific scenes, but...well, we're taking it slow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a bunch of Miraculous, the YMCA parody in Party Crasher, meeting our work quota for today, having Famous Amos cookies for snack time, and making (very slow) progress toward our translation blog.
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