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That Miraculous show can be bad for my heart. Except that I love it when it does things that seem bad for my heart. Except! when it features characters that have not been introduced yet, argh... But that's another story. Anyway, I can't think of anything but Miraculous right now, there were so many intense episodes in the batch we watched tonight.

We did do our job, though! It was really tough, too, because Cecille messaged us about the new Miraculous episodes, and we were like, it's cool, she doesn't like the show that much, so she might not even be watching it anymore, and she's probably at work. Subsequent chat revealed that not only was she not at work, she was watching Miraculous! And we told ourselves that it was okay if she saw the new episodes before we did, and it really was or would have been, but it's always harder to hold off on something when you know of someone else who may or may not be enjoying it at that very moment.

But it all worked out! We eventually finished our job, and then we wanted to wait until after dinner because after dinner is when we watch Miraculous, so we watched our Friday anime! And oh my goodness... I suspect the translator on the Fire Force anime is just as opinionated as we are and thinks their translations are sooooo much better than the manga ones (why didn't the manga translators realize that the Holy Sol Temple is named for the sun god and therefore the sun god should be called Sol?), so I think it's fair for us to think that our translations are soooo much better than the subtitles. So as usual, we always pull up the manga and compare it when an episode is over. But man, one anime episode covers a whole lot of manga ground! I think this week's episode covered about half or more of volume two.

And then we had dinner, and then! we watched Miraculous! And oh my goodness, these episodes! I can't talk about them, though, because the thing that's on my mind the most is spoilery. But oh man, this series is so good.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see all the new episodes of Miraculous, the hope that the next batch will include the introductions of the new unfamiliar characters from a certain party episode, also being caught up on our Japanese anime, the Oblivio episode (simultaneously made us very happy and very gaaahhh!!!), and friends we can always talk to.
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