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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! I'm so excited you guys!!! But I'm way ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.

Because we were out late at the play last night (which I am fully intending to review, but it has to wait because AAAAAAHHH!!!), we ended up sleeping in this morning, which was fine, because it was only a little bit, but then we got wrapped up in another stupid discussion about piracy and this time it included a study that's all "piracy doesn't offset sales hur hur" (it didn't really say hur hur, of course; that's just our own mischaracterization of the people involved because we still don't like piracy), and the whole thing had us going, "Dang, we really need to start our blog to educate people on how much work goes into translating so they'll understand that it's a skilled profession that maybe deserves getting payment and stuff." And we were supposed to work on a simulpub today but never got the files, so we were like, "Let's just blow off work and get started on this blog."

We didn't, and I'm sorry about that, because we really need to get to it, but we're not entirely unjustified. Why? Because I was sneezing all day yesterday, and today it turned into clogged sinuses and a general inability to even, so after some discussion about where to get started on our blog (discussion that went nowhere), we got fed up and said, "Whatever, I'm sick, we're just going to watch Trollhunters all day." So we watched two episodes of Trollhunters, and they were making such horribly terrible decisions that we got fed up with it and watched Bring the Funny instead. But then we got back to it and watched, I don't know, like thirty episodes or something. (Not true; I don't think we could have watched more than nine... We only got to the end of the first half of season two (or was it the end of season two? it was the thirteenth episode of season two.)

And then we figured we should probably feed ourselves, and that turned out to be a good thing because we finally figured out how to get our fancy egg ring thingy to work, and now we can have egg sandwiches for dinner! Huzzah! This will be a good option for dinner that is tasty, actually not pizza for once, and even has protein!

We decided to check email and other computer things before facing the decision of whether to start another season of Trollhunters, finish watching season one of Miraculous again, or maybe do something new and original like read or something. But we only got as far as checking email, because there, right there in our inbox, was an email from Netflix telling us there are more episodes of Miraculous!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

We totally freaked out. We almost didn't even finish checking email, we were too excited. And I was a little worried, because the last two times Netflix emailed us about more Miraculous, the French audio wasn't available, but we decided to check before drowning our sorrows in more Trollhunters...or previous episodes of Miraculous more likely, let's be serious, unless it would have been too painful, but we'll never know! Because!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It was there! In French!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

And our biggest regret about the whole thing is we still have that simulpub we're going to have to translate tomorrow, which means we couldn't stay up to watch the whole thing. (Alas, it is only half a season. But we'll take it!) But it's all good, because the episode we ended on (Weredad) turned out to be the absolutely most adorablest episode ever!!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!! Also slightly maddening, but mostly just adorable. Oh, we loved it so much. Not only did it have all our favorite story elements, but it also had a very fairytale-like setting, and oh my gosh, it was amazing.

AND YOU GUYS!!!!! They made an episode where the whole moral of the story was, "Seriously, girl, stop overworking yourself and go play some video games." And we were like, "Do you see into my life, Miraculous?" It was funny, because Marinette was listing all the things she had to do, and there was even a subtitle that said, "I have 72 hours of work to do by tomorrow," and we were like, "Yup, been there."

Oh, it's just so much the best. We love this show so much. And Adrien continues to be the best ever. OH!!! And there was an episode where he spoke Japanese!!!! He made the typical gaijin mistake of thinking you have to pronounce the I in yoroshiku, but other than that, his pronunciation was pretty good. A little slow and deliberate, but that makes sense, since Adrien studies Chinese and not Japanese. It was so cute to hear him and his dad keep saying "Tsurugi-san" (although, if we had come up with the name, we would have gone with Mitsurugi, because it means the same thing but is fancier and a real name (but come to think of it, Tsurugi might be a real name; we just haven't seen it used as a name like we have Mitsurugi)).

And I could keep raving about this show forever, but we really do need to get to sleep. Work to do tomorrow and my sinuses are still clogged like whoa. But now we have something to look forward to tomorrow (in addition to maybe, just maybe, finally getting the reveal of our super-long-held theory for this simulpub we're supposed to be working on).

Today I'm amazingly thankful for new episodes of Miraculous, those episodes already being available in French, Thomas Astruc creating a series that brings us so much joy, getting to hear Adrien speak Japanese, and the Weredad episode (I can't decide if I like it better than Glaciator or not; they fill slightly different needs).
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