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Not-so-twisted Wonderland

Turns our we're easing back into work life more slowly than originally planned. Part of this is because we ended up staying up late chatting online last night, which was important for our souls. The other part of it is that as soon as we hit our work quota, we were like, "Okay, I'm out of here." Fortunately for us (especially since we got a late start today, from sleeping in to make up for all the time we spent staying up), that happened pretty quickly. A series we thought was on forever-hiatus has come back! And it's the kind of series that is either super actiony and goes super fast, or super techno-babbly and goes super slow. Turns out the action won out over the technobabble in the first half of the volume, huzzah!

And so we got to watch an episode of Vinland Saga, and finish the first half of Trollhunters, and watch another episode of anime, and still watch three episodes of Miraculous. ...And when I put it that way, it sounds like we are watching way too much TV, but we still kind of feel like we need that kind of low-intensity brain occupation.

But tomorrow we'll be doing something new, because as previously mentioned, we'll be going to see Beauty and the Beast! And that reminds me, someone posted on Facebook some stuff about a Japanese Disney otome smartphone game called Twisted Wonderland. I seem to remember watching the video and reading the intro once a long time ago, but I don't remember it anymore. Something about a school where there are a ton of hot guys that are somehow related to the Disney villains? I could check, but we lost interest in it pretty quickly. We just haven't gotten as attached to the up-and-coming male seiyuu generation, so we see all the character voices and just go, "...Eh."

There was one character who almost got us to register the game in the "must check it out when it's available" part of our memories. He was clearly related to Hades somehow, and his character design was super awesome, and! he was played by Koki Uchiyama, who is also Roxas. All of that together seemed amazing! But then we listened to his sample voice clip, and he was the doom-and-gloom angsty sort of lord of the dead, and we were like, "Ugh, boring." Don't you people understand that the reason Disney's Hades turned out the way he did is that the directors were specifically trying to get away from that cliche? The making-of documentary on our old DVD had the directors talking about how all the other guys who auditioned were so gloomy and depressing, and the guy who got the part got it because he wasn't that. And now that's what they're doing for this game, and it's boring. So we lost interest again.

(Hades in Kamigami no Asobi is similarly sad and gloomy, but at least he also makes stupid puns. And we were more drawn to that game for Apollo anyway.)

Today I'm thankful for finishing work quickly, getting a little extra sleep this morning, having a great time chatting last night, finally getting a new episode of Vinland Saga, and the weather not being quite as hot as the forecast predicted.
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