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Back to work

We have simulpubs this week and other translations on our schedule, so we figured this week is the week to get back to work. If we start early enough, we can take it slow! And slow is how we'll take it, because the next book on our to-do list is one that we do not yet have in our possession. So today we had a chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer, which turned out to be super hard, and a chapter of Edens Zero, which thankfully turned out to be super action-packed.

Oh man, but that Cramer series. I really hope the translations don't sound too off to soccer fans. We had such a hard time figuring things out this time around, and we went to a chatroom with other professionals to ask for help, and nobody there knew anything about it, either! Americans and their disinterest in soccer! Argh! Fortunately, somebody had a friend who's a super soccer expert and knows English and Japanese, so we were able to get the term explained to us and our translation fixed before it was too late. We just don't have time to take up watching Japanese soccer broadcasts as a hobby. ...Okay, so maybe we would if we would watch less Miraculous, but why would you take that joy from our lives?

Anyway. That's our life right now--work, Trollhunters, Miraculous. But! there will be some variety on Wednesday, because we just got tickets to see a local production of Beauty and the Beast! Woohoo! I'm excited, because the only other productions we saw of it were kind of by the same people, so we're hoping we'll get a different spin on it this time. There's always a bit of mystery to see if Gaston will be played comically throughout or if the actor will understand that there is such a thing as character dynamics. Either way, the music will be great, so it's bound to be a good time.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice easy chapter to work on after that Cramer chapter nearly destroyed us, still having plenty of time to watch Trollhunters, getting to also watch more Miraculous, having tickets to see Beauty and the Beast, and having friends who are interested in seeing it with us (so we don't have to take an Uber).
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