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Sharing the love(?)

We just got the sweetest email today from our Nanny in Alabama thanking us for the copies of the Sailor Moon manga we gave her. I'm going to be in huge trouble if she ever finds this blog post, but those copies are actually ones Mom bought to read herself... Scratch that, the first two are. Volumes three and four Mom specifically bought for Nanny. And I would add that the fact that we did not procure the copies to give to Nanny ourselves is not because we didn't want to--we just didn't think of it, because our family so rarely shows interest in reading manga. In fact, as previously mentioned, the first two volumes in the set in question were volumes Mom bought to read herself but never got around to. With that knowledge in our brains, I think you can understand why we wouldn't think to offer manga to anyone else. (I would also like to point out that we do love Nanny and were totally on board with giving her a gift.)

In our family's defense, since we did end up asking Celeste for help with firefighter terms in Fire Force (even though we ended up using an online guide anyway), she showed an interest in reading that manga. She even had her firefighter husband read it. He didn't seem impressed. But maybe he'll be more interested now that it's got an anime.

Anyway, we're really glad that Nanny liked getting the Sailor Moon manga! She said she's still reading volume one, and to be honest, I'm a little bit worried about what she'll think of it. I mean, I tell myself that Japanese entertainment really isn't that different from American or any other entertainment, but then, for example, one of our sisters will see Mirror, Mirror (an adaptation of Snow White that we loved) and be like, "I didn't really get it until I found out it was directed by a Bollywood director," and we're reminded that people do notice the differences. Another good example is when we had a ward activity where we watched Spirited Away, and a couple of old folks were like, "What could you possibly like about this movie?" And then we think about it and we're like, "...Okay, yeah, I guess that part...and that part and that part and that part...would seem pretty weird if you weren't used to it." ...We haven't seen Coco, but from what we saw in the trailers, we do have reason to believe that if you showed Coco someone who wasn't into anime at all, then maybe it would acclimatize them enough to make them more open to Spirited Away. The marigold bridge thing had a very familiar vibe to it, is what we're saying.

On the bright side, I'm pretty sure Nanny will still love us even if she thinks Sailor Moon is the freakiest thing ever. On the not so bright side, if she doesn't like it, it may close her off to all anime ever. But on the other hand, would that really make a difference in our lives? Probably not.

Today I'm thankful for Nanny liking the Sailor Moon volumes we (indirectly) gave her, stories from all over the world, getting to start watching season three of Relative Race (this show, you guys), not having to cook today, and getting to probably watch more Trollhunters and Miraculous tomorrow.
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