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We've been avoiding going outside lately, partly because of laziness, but mostly because it's been really hot. I mean, it's summer, so of course it is, but the fact that it happens every year doesn't make us any more excited to go out in it. But today was grocery shopping day, so out we went! And we bought heavy whipping cream! ...I mentioned earlier in the week that we were going to buy ingredients to make a cake or something for Harry Potter's birthday. Well, we decided we didn't want to buy too many ingredients all at once, so instead, I found a recipe (in the same Harry Potter cookbook) for some dark chocolate truffles. And the heavy cream is for that. And we are so culinarily challenged that we do not know if there is a difference between heavy cream and heavy whipping cream, but they didn't have just heavy cream at the grocery store, so here's hoping the difference (if there is one) is negligible.

But the more important thing about actually going outside today is that we finally got the mail. And oh my gosh, you guys, the people at Yen Press are so sweet! We noticed a package that was not the normal shape or size for books to be translated or comp copies, which made us curious and ensured that we opened it as soon as we got back inside, as opposed to tossing it into a pile like we did with the comp copies from Seven Seas that were also in our mailbox. And you guys!!!! It was the Shiro Amano Kingdom Hearts artbook!!!!

What makes it so sweet is that the only time our desire for a copy of this artbook came up was once at Anime Expo. We were at the Yen Press booth, and we saw that they were selling it, and we were like, "Aww, I want a copy of that. We should get it, or ask for it, since we translated it." (At least, I'm pretty sure we did. I remember doing it, but I have this weird thing, especially with stuff like Kingdom Hearts where so many other companies are involved, that makes me think maybe they got somebody else to do it even though we did it. I'm still not 100% convinced our translations were used for Final Fantasy Type-0.) I don't even remember which Yen Press editor(s) we were talking to at the time, because we feel like we were just talking to each other. But somebody must have heard us talking and taken note, because we now have our very own copy! Thank you, Yen Press editors!! You're the best!!!

In other news, my iPad has somehow found itself locked in the wrong region. I think it happened because I was trying to download the MangaPark app onto it, so I switched the region, and I guess the Cloud was all, "You're not in Japan, you are a liar!" and now it has delivered its punishment by locking me into the wrong region and making it impossible for me to download any new apps or books. I'll Google how to fix it eventually, but for now I don't think I'll need any new books or apps until we're closer to finishing Trollhunters. Because at any rate, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to choose when trying to decide what new entertainment we want to enjoy.

Today I'm thankful for the super great editors at Yen Press, having our very own copy of the Shiro Amano Kingdom Hearts artbook, getting to watch the origins episodes of Miraculous again, having some heavy cream to work with, and also getting to watch a good amount of Trollhunters.
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