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A break from the break

Today our weekly simulpub hit, so we made it a workday all around. I mean, sort of. We had one other monthly simulpub to work on, too. It came yesterday, but we saved it for today so we could have just one workday. I think the time off has been helping, because it wasn't quite so painful to get to work today, but I also think we're not quite ready to get back into it full-time. So we'll take tomorrow off, and hopefully by the time our other monthly simulpubs hit next week, we'll be ready to go!

In the meantime, since we are taking the day off tomorrow, we think maybe we'll write up a shopping list for ingredients to make something from our Harry Potter cookbook! And Harry's birthday is in less than a week, so we're thinking we'll go with a cake! (There are several birthday cakes (for Harry alone) throughout the series, and the author of this cookbook was on the lookout for any food ever mentioned, so we have a lot to choose from. Odds are high we'll go with something chocolate.)

...And other than that, it's the same as usual. We're enjoying Trollhunters, but we're still watching a handful of Miraculous episodes every night. And that reminds me! We found the official store of the animation company, and you can buy all the Miraculouses! ...Okay, not all of them. There are a couple that I would like that are not available, but still! ...But they're not being sold at cheap toy prices, so we're thinking we probably shouldn't just drop the money to buy the whole set...even if you do get a significant discount if you buy them all at once... We just have to save up, that's all. You can also buy a mini-backpack just like Marinette's! Aaaahh! And a little pouch like the one she keeps Tikki in! ...That one looks like a coin-purse, and I think it might be smaller than the one in the show. But we don't know, we only glanced at everything. Oh, the temptation.

And we were chatting with lyschan about things that reminded us that we want to go to Japan, and... And this is why we need to get over our burnout--so we can earn more money to do all these things! ...A raise wouldn't hurt, either.

But in the meantime, life is still pretty good. Today I'm thankful for getting our work done without too much trouble, plans to make cake for Harry Potter's birthday (really, I just want cake), Jim being less annoying in Trollhunters (he was never super annoying, but there were a few things that had us going, "Come on, Jim!"), and getting to hear Benjamin Bollen's delivery of Toby's "I'm a murderer" monologue.
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