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Now that Anime Expo is over, we've been confronted with the constant struggle between rest and relaxation as opposed to getting productive things done. We had only one deadline after AX...okay, two deadlines, but they were both for the same series, which means the second one wasn't for a while after that. And the first one got pushed back...after we finished it...maybe we should have turned it in... Today's been an odd day.

Anyway, the point is, we have no pressing deadlines, so we could either get a head start...which sounds super smart...or we could do what we'd rather do, which is nothing. Or rather, marathon Miraculous. But we just finished watching the whole thing for the fifth time, and we think that it might be a good idea to at least share a little bit of time with other pursuits. The problem is, we've been work work working for so long, we're not sure what other pursuits we even have anymore.

So one thing we've been doing is play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is the Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go. We're not exactly down with the premise, though, because supposedly we're supposed to be helping keep the Statute of Secrecy, which is the thing that makes sure non-magic types don't find out about magic, but A)we don't really get the point of that, and B)the whole world knows about Harry Potter anyway. But it gives us an excuse to go outside, so we've been taking it. ...Only we're starting to get a little weary of it, because your spell energy (the points you use to cast spells) doesn't replenish unless you go to an inn (and with these games, that means literally going somewhere), which means you don't want to waste your spell energy collecting the things you've already collected, but all these things show up on your map, and you have to tap on them before you find out whether or not you already have it, and when you leave the battle because you don't want to waste your points, they turn your map all around, so it's impossible to keep track of which things you've already checked, and arrrrrgh.

Still, you can't shake the collector's impulse, so we play for a little while, and a new trace appears, and if we're not surrounded by a billion of them, we'll check it and etc. And they had an event this last week where there were special things to collect and special assignments. And we did it, we collected all the things and we finished all the assignments! And you know what we got? A notice that said, "The Ministry [of Magic] thanks you!" That's it. We were like, "What is even the point." ...Oh wait, we did unlock some filters for taking wizarding pictures (they let you take pictures for your Ministry ID, and you can add things like witch hats and Hogwarts house scarves and things), so I guess that's something. But we're not big on selfies, so...

And dang, we did so much walking today so we could finish those assignments. But it was good to get the exercise.

Oh yeah, we also recorded a podcast today. It wasn't an independent venture, so we don't know all the details of when you'll get to hear it yet. We did mention that we wanted to start doing translation walkthroughs on it, though, so I guess now we're committed. That's something we could do with our time, but I think we're still not ready to do too many worky things yet. Also I want the introductory installment (we're thinking blog at this point, so it would be a post) to use an example that we'll need pictures of, and we can't get those pictures without Googling (which might require asking permission) or going to Disneyland, and we're blocked out for the summer. So we'll see what happens.

Tonight's attempt at variety also involved watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. It's still pretty excellent, but our tired brains get bored a little more easily these days, so there were a couple of parts that may have dragged a little. But it was extra fun watching Napoleon now that we've learned so much French from Miraculous! Like he'd say, "Attends!" and I knew exactly what he meant!

Today I'm thankful for finishing the assignments and everything for the event, knowing that maybe the events aren't something to worry too much about completing, getting to watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (a blast from the past in more ways than one!), getting to watch the Miraculous Christmas Special, and the cloud cover that kept the weather from getting too hot today.
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