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More adventures

Our feline visitor has officially moved on! Woohoo! We haven't seen her at all since yesterday, and that includes under the couches and in the fireplace and all the usual hiding spots, so we think she left. I hope she doesn't hate us too much, though.

Today we finished work early again, so we had adventures in the name of visiting Wizards Unite fortresses. We discovered that not only does the park across the street have a pretty sweet playground, it even has some exercise equipment! So it could be very healthy for us to visit the park frequently, but we'll see if we take advantage...

I do want to post about our In/Spectre adventures at Anime Expo, but I feel like I'm not in the right brainspace for that right now. And tomorrow is Review Rednesday... Hmmm... Maybe, since our workload is light tomorrow, too, I'll write up the report tomorrow and save it to post on Thursday.

In the meantime, I can at least tell you about our egg sandwich adventures. After our last visit to Earl of Sandwich, we decided that egg sandwiches could be a pretty great thing to add to our weekly menu, especially now that we've overcome our fear of buying eggs. The grocery store even had a silicon ring especially for cooking eggs with! So we got some hamburger buns, and we figured we could break an egg, whip it up in a mixing bowl, and then cook neat little egg patties for our egg sandwiches. The plan seemed to be going pretty well, too...until we poured the egg into the ring and it totally leaked out the bottom. I should have been more careful to make sure it was in place. And so our egg sandwiches turned into scrambled egg sandwiches, which worry me because I'm afraid the egg will spill out, but they were still pretty tasty! We'll try with the silicon ring again next time.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to try entering a Wizards Unite fortress, our feline visitor having finally left, getting to watch Bring the Funny, the waist stretch machine at the park, and getting to rewatch some of our favorite episodes of Miraculous.
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