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Thanks to the new wallpaper calendar for FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, I've been reminded about cosplay.

This year it's actually looking like we won't have any new costumes. There are a lot of serieses that we like and would love to cosplay, but we don't know if we can afford it. That, and last year taught us that cosplay is waaaaaaay more fun with a group. For example, it's fun to go around as Donald and Goofy, but it would be so much more awesome with a Sora. Also, so many of our costumes turned out so well last year, I would love to bring them again.

I am kind of sad that we couldn't get anyone excited about a FushigiBoshi group. But that's to be expected when the series isn't really available fansubbed. That, and all the characters are princesses with big poofy skirts. We had even cast some people that we thought would look good as certain princesses or princes. Although now I'm kind of rethinking the casting we had. It doesn't matter anyway. But for those of you who are curious, we had baranoneko as Leona (the one in the kind of peach-colored dress and cat-like ears), celestieall as Altessa (the one with the big poofy blonde hair), blackhope as Bright (the guy on the far right) (he's on his mission anyway), chibidrunksanzo as Sophie (the one with the green hair in the purple-y dress), sharm as Milro (the one in the blue dress with the bear ears), and pixiepilot as Shade (the one on the far left), but more likely as Eclipse, the guy who looks a lot like Shade but wears black instead of that bleh yellow. And maybe rurounigochan as Tio (the little guy standing next to Shade).

It's all kind of an "in the mythical time" plan now, though, especially since I keep casting people in my head who I know won't be at AX. It would be fun, but we really wouldn't be too torn up about it not happening. Especially since it's not really very nice of us to assign characters like that. And I feel bad because there are some people who I didn't give a character, and I'm worried they'll think, "What? So I'm not good enough?" That's not it, really! (Though pudges, we did have you as either the Twins' mom or Shade's mom (not pictured), who are both very young and pretty.)

I really have no idea where I was going with that.

So anyway. We were checking out the AX forums to see if there was any new information on Guests of Honor. This is partly because who the guests are is about the only thing that will affect whether or not we have any new costumes this year (unless anyone wants to do a group *wink*), and partly because the guy in charge of informing the masses about GoH's had mentioned something about how they would be announcing the first guest soon. He later said that they were planning to announce the guest in February, and since February was over and there was no announcement, we were wondering if he had anything to say about it.

He didn't, but while we were there, we did notice something that might be of interest to most of the people on our friends list who are going to AX. This is the section of the forums that talks about Artists Alley and the Art Show and whatnot. It looks like the guy in charge just posted the tentative rules about an hour and a half ago. So there it is. Tadah!
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