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Well, we stayed up too late watching Miraculous again, but in our defense, it was only three episodes because we watched three whole other things, too. ...One of them we watched because the trailer started up automatically and it was the French dub and one of the voices sounded like Adrien. Googling wouldn't tell me the French dub cast, so we watched an episode just to see the French dub credits. It was a fun show, though. (The other things we watched were Fruits Basket and Fire Force.)

That being the case, I don't want to risk keeping us up even later by starting a report on the Mamoru Miyano Marathon, but not to fear! There's plenty of excitement going on here to write about in a shorter amount of time! First of all, speaking of watching things other than Miraculous, last night we had some extra free time so we decided it was time to watch the highly acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And oh my goodness, the visuals were absolutely stunning...which of course was the problem. They spent so. much. time on those visually stunning action scenes that we were constantly begging the movie to get on with it and show us more plot and characters! Because we actually liked the plot and characters a lot! Like, a lot a lot. Not really fans of Spider-Ham or Peni Parker, but everybody else was amazing! There was so much heart and love and heroism and all the kinds of things we adore.

But dang those stunning visuals. We don't think we'd have the attention span to ever watch it again, unless there was chocolate fondue involved or something. And for that reason, we kind of hate the movie even more than we would if we just outright hated it. Because we were actually invested, but it was so hard to get through it. Sigh.

Anyway. After that, life got even more exciting. We were just about to go to sleep, saying our prayers and everything, but while I was praying, I heard something like a cat scratching at things. It was the kind of scratching we usually here when Page has made a mess in a place she shouldn't have, so when I finished my prayer, I got up to investigate. The first thing I noticed was that Page was motionless on Athena's bed, but the scratching was still going on. Anybody following along from last week might see where this is going.

The stray cat from last week--the one that invaded our apartment the night before we left for Anime Expo and refused to leave the next day--she was in the office, trying to cover up a mess she'd just made. Apparently she had been hiding in our closet all week and coming out after we had gone to sleep. That explained why it seemed like Page had given up entirely on the whole litter box idea. We thought maybe it was stress or constipation, but no. It was just another cat.

The first thing I did on discovery was go to the front door and open it. Then I went back to the office to confront the stray. Predictably, she ran from me, and fortunately she ran toward the front door. Unfortunately, I was distracted at just the wrong moment, so I didn't see if she went out the front door, or if she veered to the left and disappeared into the living room. I looked in all the likely hiding spots and didn't see her, so we're hoping she made it outside, but we haven't seen her since, so we're taking precautions. We've set up a temporary litter box by the closet she'd been living in, so hopefully if she's still here, she'll use it, and tomorrow, we hope to do some proper investigating. This will be aided by the flashlights we plan to buy at the grocery store. (We had a flashlight, but it seems to have been put in a Very Safe Place.)

Today I'm thankful for having seen Into the Spider-Verse, meeting our work quota today despite being this close to saying whatever we can finish it a day later if we have to, temporarily knowing what happened to Grandma Kitty, getting to watch another episode of Fire Force, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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