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Anime Expo 2019 report part two

We're back to work today, but taking it slow because we're still recovering from the weekend. We're so sleepy right now... So I might not post very much right now, because we're kind of eager to get to bed.

According to our schedule, the next thing we went to was the Yen Press panel. ...They mostly seemed to just announce a lot of titles that focused on boobs. That's not entirely true. I don't remember all the details, but I remember one of the editors asked if people liked Ghostbusters and some other thing that I don't remember, and the audience response was super weak, so he was like, "Okay, I'll just tell you anyway." Then for the next title, they were like, "Okay, who likes boobs?" and people got really excited. And people wonder how we got to this place where women are seen as objects. (I don't blame Yen Press, I blame everybody else.) For us, the most exciting announcement is that Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is getting a print release!

After the panel, we decided to sneak a peak at the Atsushi Ohkubo signing over at the industry autograph table. Of course they set these tables up with gigantic mazes of queue areas, so nobody can get up too close without a ticket, but we wanted to be like Marinette when she went to Adrien's photo shoot and just walk by casually and hope maybe Senpai Sensei would notice us. So we did that, and then we went back to the dealers' hall to see if we could talk to any of our internet coworkers. I don't remember if we found people at Kodansha or Yen Press first. At the Yen Press booth, we talked to our editors who were on the panel and said they did great. We talked with one of them about the weather and how California was on fire for so much of last year. At a later meeting, we talked with a different editor about what Hogwarts houses we're in. It was a good time all around.

At the Kodansha booth, we never really did run into any of our editors, but we were hanging around looking at the displays again when we saw Y-san, the woman who came with us on our tour of the printing company last time we went to Tokyo, so we said hi. She was escorting some guests from Japan, and so she introduced us and the men she was with said nice to meet you, and then she introduced them as the president and vice president of Kodansha. We heard that and we were like, "!!!!" She went on to tell them that we're two very good translators who work on titles like Noragami, UQ Holder, Sailor Moon. Apparently she didn't need even that long a list, because as soon as they heard Noragami, they nodded in recognition and reached out to shake our hands. That was pretty exciting, but it really makes us wonder what they've heard about us and Noragami.

After that, we decided to walk casually by the industry autograph signings again, but first! it was time to try an experiment. We had an idea that maybe if we could keep ourselves supplied with sugary drinks, we could survive the convention without spending an arm and a leg on convention center food. As it so happened, one of the food vendors was a company called Wild Bill's Soda. You buy a ridiculously expensive mug ($25 for the cheapest), and then you get free refills all day. Come back the next day with your Wild Bill's mug, pay another $5, and get free refills all that day. You can even take it to future events and still get refills all day for just five dollars. We figured it was a worthy investment, especially because they had vanilla cream and that sounded like something our sweet tooths would really love. So we gave it a go, and the vanilla cream was delicious. We tried all their other flavors, too, except for the diet root beer, because gross. The only one we really didn't like was the ginger ale (it made my throat burn), and I have to tell you birch beer is pretty good. We also discovered that if we get our refills later in the day, the soda is flatter, which is great for us, because we love flat soda. And the most important thing we learned is that we do, in fact, eat like hummingbirds, because we felt fine on very little other food.

Once we were fueled up, it was time to go to the Atsushi Ohkubo live drawing! This one was pretty I will save the report until I'm not so eager to go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take it easy today, Wild Bill's Soda (all non-caffeinated and made with pure cane sugar!), getting to talk to some of our industry friends, vanilla cream soda, and getting to check out Vinland Saga today.
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