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Another Anime Expo complete

We've been back from Anime Expo for a whole day, but we've been too wiped out to do much of anything except lie around watching TV. The convention was fun, we had a good time, and of course we'll tell you all about it! ...Starting tomorrow.

I will say, though, that since we skipped the Fire Force premiere (it was dubbed!), we watched it after we got home last night...and of course we couldn't resist our usual temptation to pull up our translations and compare them to the subtitles. This time was especially funny, because first, because I'd already shut down the computer, I just went and got one of our comp copies of the manga, but we got to a line ("I wasn't taking you for a chump, sir!"), and we were like, "Chump? We don't normally use that word. Was that us or an editor?" So I pulled up our script after all (on my iPad), and Athena started the episode up again, and now we were comparing the subtitles, the finished manga, and our unedited script. And I was highly amused by the whole thing. (Turns out "chump" really did come from us, so that made us happy. Even happier because we thought it was a pretty okay way to translate that line.)

Anyway, now that we've spent most of the day recharging...we're going to keep that up and take tomorrow off.

Today I'm thankful for making it safely to and from the convention, having a good time there, getting to spend most of the day relaxing today, having the foresight to keep a Freschetta pizza on hand for dinner tonight, and getting to see the first episode of the Fire Force anime.
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