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It's just barely starting to sink in that we're going to Anime Expo in three days. I don't even know how I feel about it anymore. We always go full of dreams and expectations, and sometimes they pan out and sometimes they don't, and we're also really tired, so for now we're...mostly just not thinking about it. But when we do think about it, we have to remind ourselves that yeah, we might get to meet some super awesome people, but we'll definitely get to hang out with awesome people we already know, and we'll almost definitely get to watch some cool panels and/or anime.

And there's a feeling of, "But we're not ready! Our Hinata&Hikage sleeves aren't painted yet!" So I guess we have a little bit of cosplay stress going on, which is slightly unexpected since we haven't even really been thinking of it as cosplay.

Oh, but there's some exciting Sailor Moon news going on! There's talk of a digital release, which we're hoping means our translations will reach more people. ...I guess it sounds a little egotistical to think of it that way. I was going to justify it, but a couple of seconds of thought told me that would sound even more egotistical. But we're proud of our work, so we want people to see it! That's fair, right?

The other exciting thing is the Uniqlo t-shirts that will be coming out! First of all, they're super pretty, and second of all, Athena and I and lyschan helped with one of them! They wanted to use a scene from volume eight of the Eternal Edition, and they wanted English translations for it, but we hadn't translated volume eight yet, so we had to jump ahead to that scene specifically for that t-shirt! ...It was mostly just castle names, but it did require some translation skill. And seeing the final design, it looks like they used a bunch of different languages, so I guess translators all over the world got to help! It was a global effort! That's kinda neat. And the other t-shirts in the collection are really nice, too (based on the small pictures we've seen of them), so I foresee us getting a whole bunch of Sailor Moon shirts from Uniqlo when they finally come out. ...Assuming we find out about it before they all sell out! I forgot that's an issue with Uniqlo. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled.

Today I'm thankful for getting the help we needed from the bishopric today, pretty Sailor Moon t-shirts to look forward to, getting to read some manga today, getting to watch more Relative Race, and all the compliments we got on the music at church today.
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