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Miraculous Pinkie Pie

We finished watching season two of Miraculous for the fourth time last night, and you'd think we would be ready to move on, but nope. We watched three episodes tonight. This time, we just wanted to see lots of Adrien, though, so we were more selective about the episodes. ...But we are planning on watching both seasons all the way through again. We might take it a little slower so we can do other things, too, like read manga or something.

But the super good news is! we finished work today, which means we can take next week off! Woohoo!! ...I mean, we were going to finish work today and take next week off anyway, because our Hatsu*Haru deadline was by the end of June, but it's still very exciting. The main things we need to do before Anime Expo are tweak our tops for Hinata and Hikage, make sure all our outfits are in order, and, ideally, write a couple of reviews so we can be all caught up on that. Oh, and hopefully the next chapter of Edens Zero will come along before we have to leave. It's usually quick work, but it would be nice not to have to worry about it while we're in convention mode.

The other exciting news is that we got our Pinkie Pie figure today! We got home from the store and there was a giant box in our patio. We were a little baffled by it, because it was way bigger than we would have expected for an anime figure box, and we weren't expecting any other packages except for a three-pack of tights that will hopefully contain the right colors for our Cyprine and Ptilol bounding. The box was even more way too big for that.

So we opened it up, and sure enough, it was Pinkie Pie! With lots and lots of packing material, including the most intense bubble wrap I've ever encountered. We took her out of the box so we could get a picture to show all our Facebook friends...and I admit that, since she wasn't attached to the stand, when I removed the plastic that was wrapped around her body, I did let curiosity get the better of me and look up her skirt. I blame My Monster Secret. All I will say about that is that those Japanese sculptures do pay a lot of attention to detail.

The sad thing is that we don't really have anywhere to display her, so after we took the picture, we put her back in the box for safe-keeping until we can get our lives organized... *wistful*

Today I'm thankful for having a super cute Pinkie Pie figure, learning that the camera on my phone really does seem to be pretty darn good, having a ride to church tomorrow (our regular ride is on vacation), Freschetta being on sale, and getting to watch more Miraculous tonight.
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