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What can I say? We just really like watching Miraculous. And so today was another day of nothing but work and Miraculous.

Our favorite episodes are the ones with a lot of Adrien. Marinette is amazing, of course, but we're pretty much as in love with Adrien as she is. Our favorite episode is Glaciator, because we get to see Cat Noir being more like Adrien. Cat Noir is a pretty fun character, but all that bravado... Well, like I said, it's fun, but it's kind of fake. I mean, I think it's partly all the emotions Adrien wishes he could get out regularly, but that he suppresses most of the time because he's so afraid of offending his father.

When he's hanging out with Nino, he acts a lot more like Cat Noir...but still more like Adrien. Except in Animan, when he was asking Marinette out on Nino's behalf. I can understand that, too, because I know that I act a lot more brave around other people when I'm on a mission to help someone else. And that's another part of why we love Adrien so much--there are aspects to his character that we can relate with extremely well.

The main thing is his crush on Ladybug. We kind of equate that to our love of anime and manga. It feels kind of one-sided. We love anime and manga, we do whatever we can to help it out, we're even in the industry so if anyone would have a connection to anime and manga, it would be us, right? That's how Adrien is with Ladybug. She and Cat Noir are a team, and he's Cat Noir, so if anyone would have a special connection to her, it would be him, right? So why won't she just love him back? ...Well, in their case, the answer's obvious if you know what's going on in the show. In our case, it's just because anime and manga are more of a concept than a person, I guess?

And sometimes, it just feels like we're doing the same thing over and over and not getting anywhere, just like Adrien and Ladybug. And he tries to change it up a little, but it doesn't really work--we've had that happen, too. But sometimes something happens, and it feels like maybe there's a little bit of progress. And it's not what he wants exactly, but it gives him hope that maybe someday... And we've had that happen with manga, too. So now, here we all are together, dreaming and hoping. In Adrien's case, we're about a thousand percent sure he's going to get his happily ever after (although we see potential for a good deal of pain and suffering along the way). In our case...well, I don't know if it will be quite like a fairytale, but we have faith that someday things will be happier than we can imagine. Of course, like Adrien, sometimes we get impatient about it, but we still believe. And seeing hope for Adrien helps us have hope for ourselves, too. And that's only one of so so so many reasons that we adore Miraculous.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good deal of work done, getting to watch Glaciator and Gorizilla again, having plans to go to the temple tomorrow, the weather being nice and cool, and ladybugs.
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