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One of those days

Today was just one of those days. You know how sometimes things happen and you end up feeling sorry for yourself, even if it was just a little thing. It brings back all the emotions you'd learned to cope with... I don't know if it's that we'd shoved them aside and covered them up in an unhealthy way or something, or if it's just human nature to sometimes look at a situation and remember bad things and suddenly be all upset about everything, but either way, today started out pretty bad. It wasn't great timing, either, because on Sundays we have to be up in front of people singing and playing music.

So we came home and gave ourselves a little time to wallow. I think we each fell asleep for a few minutes, and that ended up helping immensely, indicating that lack of sleep is indeed a likely culprit for at least part of the real problem. And then we pulled out our iPads and did our studying from the Come, Follow Me manual. We've been studying the New Testament, and this week is when we got to the Resurrection. It was really good timing, because it reminded me that no matter how bleak things get, there will always be hope. I can't really explain the thought process that leads me to that conclusion, but I think it makes sense? At any rate, we're feeling optimistic again. But still very tired.

After that, we spent most of the day watching TV. We learned a little more US history from American Ride, then we watched Story Trek as usual. After dinner, we watched a couple more episodes of Relative Race.

Oh! That reminds me! On the Story Trek, they started one episode in Spanish Fork, Utah, which is a surprising place to find a Krishna Temple, and yet there is one there, so when they started the episode, they went there and asked the guy in charge how it came to be in Spanish Fork, Utah of all places. And the guy told the story about how some Krishnas came to BYU in 1976 to see if the library wanted to buy some books. I heard that and knew Grandpa was teaching at BYU back then, and I thought, "Sounds like Grandpa would be all over that!" Next thing the guy said was, "Hugh Nibley bought some, and from there it was dominoes." And I was like, "Aha! I knew it!" So it turns out our grandfather was influential in the building of a Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah, and that's neat.

Today I'm thankful for the hope that comes from the Resurrection, Page getting out of my chair for me, managing to pull ourselves together before Singing Time, having some Drumsticks to look forward to, and learning neat things about Grandpa in unexpected places.
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