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Cyprine and Ptilol bound

We opened our Stitch Fix today! Tadah! And our stylist was so good! She looked at our Pinterest board and chose a couple of characters and got us each two things to wear to go with them!

So which characters did she choose? Cyprine and Ptilol! A very timely choice, since volume five of the Eternal Edition will hit bookstore shelves on Tuesday! And we asked that we'd be able to keep our shoulders covered, but they didn't have any sleeved tops in the colors we wanted, so she did what most Latter-day Saint women do these days and layered it up! (I don't know if she's a Latter-day Saint, but I'm amused that she used the same strategy either way.)

It's pretty great, too, because she had a black top with a blue kimono jacket thing for Cyprine, and a red top with a black cardigan for Ptilol! We're pretty sure that the outfits won't immediately call the characters to least not without help! Of course we'll be wearing side-braids, so that will help. We're also thing that we can each get a black skirt and blue and red tights to finish the ensembles, but we'll have to play around to get just the right look. So on the one hand, I admit that I'm like, "But these don't look just like them," but on the other hand, I remind myself that that's not what bounding is about. The point is to have outfits that will put people in mind of those characters in the right context, like maybe if we were asked to sit on a panel to talk about translating Sailor Moon. That way, we would look professional but still character-related. ...Of course, I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but we can at least wear them in a photo with Kanae Yumemiya, who will be doing photo shoots, if Anime Expo's page is to be believed.

In other news, we just discovered that our beloved favorite voice actor Yuki Kaji just got married. The daydreamers in both of us are disappointed, but we're happy for him, too. His new wife is the actress who played Mami in the Missions of Love CD dramas, and since he played Akira, that's pretty neat. ...And mostly, I just wanted to point that out, because Akira and Mami are a super cute couple.

Today I'm thankful for our stylist coming through for us, the other tops we ordered looking like a great choice for Hinata and Hikage too, chocolate lovers Drumsticks, Kinder Joy being on sale, and having a lovely time at the baptism earlier today.
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