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Painting lessons!

I'm sure no one will be surprised that today was another day of work work work and Miraculous. We did press pause so we could watch the last episode of Sarazanmai...which I think was okay as anime finales go, and had a lot of stuff we tend to like, but we feel like they did the finale too soon without really connecting all the dots first. They had this big sad dramatic thing going on and we were like, "Okay, but why?"

But more importantly, or not, I don't know, we learned to paint at the Relief Society activity last night! ...I mean, I feel like everybody knows how painting works in theory. You put the paintbrush in the paint, then you move it over the canvas or whatever so it makes a picture, like drawing, or colors in a picture, like coloring. ...And it may be my cavalier attitude toward the process that made it so that painting was what I always failed at in art class. But after this art class yesterday, I'd say it's that I didn't know I had to wet the brush.

Anyway, a member of the bishopric is a professional painter, so he came in and walked us all through painting a sunset in acryllics. It was pretty neat. We got all the colors in for the sky, and then we painted the ocean, and he started talking about adding black for some drama. And I was like, "I don't know, I don't think I trust myself to add black." But for some reason I did it anyway, and sure enough, I ruined it! It's okay, though, because I turned it into a rock with a nice little wave crashing over it. And then I experimented some and managed to blend it into the ocean more, so you'd never know there was a weird black blob there.

As the lesson went on, I learned that we were going to mix the black with blue before adding it to the painting, so really we were adding dark blue to the ocean, not black. I was just getting way too ahead of the lesson. But he just gave us so much time for each step! It's okay, though. We have pretty sunset paintings now. And I should learn to use my fancy new phone to take pictures and post things where people can see them, but I haven't learned that yet, so.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our (minimum) work quota today, our Stitch Fix being on its way, finally learning Kodansha's Anime Expo schedule, Page looking at me all cute from her heated cat bed, and beautiful sunsets.
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