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Today was so happy! We made it past our work quota on Sailor Moon, which was especially happy because we got a pretty slow start today for some reason, and it will come in handy for when Edens Zero comes along and we get another slow start. But anyway, we were really excited about it, because it meant we had lots of time to watch Miraculous! And we were coming up on the origins episodes, so we were really looking forward to it.

But first! we do realize that it's not a bad idea to branch out and do things other than watch Miraculous, although we do feel justified in relaxing as much as possible, since the burnout had been hitting us pretty hard recently. But the point is, a friend recommended Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She had recommended it in the past, and we passed on it because we hate most of the character designs. But she recommended it again, and we had just had somebody pass on Miraculous because she doesn't like the designs (costumes designs specifically), and we were like, "!!! But it's so good!" And so, realizing that if we would get over our superficial dislike of things and tried them out, maybe we would find out there's much more to it and we'd like it anyway.

...And now that we've watched Star vs. the Forces of Evil, I feel like Jazz from Danny Phantom. I hate it in a more informed context. The first episode (really a set of two episodes) was okay, where it seemed like maybe for a minute or two, the characters realized that other people had feelings, too. But in the second (set of) episode(s), it was just mad-capped mayhem with no real heart. Just running around doing things because it's supposed to be funny or whatever, with no real motivation other than, "That's what we do." Oh wait, scratch that, she accidentally turned her teacher into a troll because she was trying to get a better grade, and there was no real remorse about the fact that she fundamentally altered everything about the woman. We were both sitting there like, "Is this show only half an hour? Because it feels super long and I wanna go watch Miraculous."

I mean, Marco and Star both have potential to be fun characters, and there were some jokes that were funny enough to make us laugh despite our overall feeling of, "I'm done with this." But the character designs again. I was willing to believe that they were just weird, like Dave the Barbarian (which we loved), but something about the attitude of the show seemed to say, "Hi, I'm Star and I like cute girly things, but don't worry, only if they're also gross and disgusting!" And I don't mean that only Star was like that--I mean that the whole show seemed to have that attitude. I just used Star as a representative. The whole show was probably like that more than Star herself.

After two episodes, we decided we had given the show enough of a chance and it was time to go back to Miraculous. Oh, and how we loved it. Those origins episodes get us every time. Ah, the way Adrien is so melodramatic when he's all, "But I never leave my house! What kind of a superhero can I be!" Aww, he's so cute. And so many people in the show care about others, I love it.

Today I'm thankful for making it past our work quota, getting to try a new show, getting to have some yummy pound cake with dinner, finally realizing that when he's Cat Noir his hair covers where his human ears should be so we don't know if he has one set of ears or two, and getting to watch the origins episodes again.
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