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A different kind of spoiler

I don't know what to update about. I'm super bummed right now because we convinced a friend to watch Miraculous, and she had been avoiding spoilers but the slow pace of the series got to her, and she looked them up anyway, and now she knows spoilers from season three and we don't know if that means actual season three, or season two part two (because Netflix counts that as season three), and since she hasn't actually seen the thing, she doesn't know, either! GAH! So now we can't talk about it with her...but to be honest, I might just be more upset at the idea that she knows something about the series that we don't. ...Maybe that's only part of it. I don't know, I'm just bummed.

And it's made thoughts of everything else flee from my mind. What did we do today? Chores, grocery shopping, wrote a review...we watched another episode of Relative Race. I had a sad realization, in that all the people on this show are so excited about meeting their families,, we're Facebook friends with a handful of family members, and they're kind of the people that make us afraid to post on Facebook. Not to say that I think they're bad people, just that they're very intimidating. We're going to have to get over that somehow.

I'm sure nobody is surprised that we also watched Miraculous. This viewing session included the Dark Cupid episode, so we tried to analyze the French version of Adrien's love poem. We noticed an interesting thing. Sometimes the French (from what French we know) is clearly different from the English captions, so on the episodes where they're available, we'll pull up the French captions instead...and Athena knows enough French that she can determine that the French captions match the English captions pretty closely. But we can both hear and realize that what is written in French does not match what is being said (and that's not just because French has so many silent letters).

So we have reason to believe that the English translation is based on the original script, but then when recording the French voices, they make changes to the script. I'm curious to know if it's from the voice actors' ad-libbing, or from story editors saying, "You know, that line doesn't quite fit with the continuity or the animation or whathaveyou..." At any rate, it's kind of interesting, at least to us.

Anyway, I'm tired. Today I'm thankful for the grocery store actually having Freschetta cheese pizza and it being on sale!, also getting to buy some yummy chocolate cookies, getting to watch Miraculous some more, the realization that in the Horrificator episode each of the kids has a job in their project and they are bound and determined to do it well (Rose as craft services is the best), and finally getting the situation worked out with music on Sunday.
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