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I bet most of you are wondering what's been going on with this whole Nova Group thing. (And by most, I mean two.) So here's the scoop:

The very Monday after we applied (two weeks ago today), I got an email saying that I'd been accepted for an interview! Yay!! So we immediately go to check Athena's email to see if she got one, and she didn't. Not yay. But, since her acceptance to BYU came about a week after mine, we figured it wasn't that big a deal, and decided to wait before calling to book an interview.

A week later, we still heard nothing, and thought maybe they thought I had applied twice. Even though there are differences in our applications, sometimes this happens, being twins and all. The same last name and birthday thing tends to throw people off, and I'm sure the similarities in our names don't help. So we decided I should call anyway, but I put it off for another couple of days because Monday was President's Day, and Tuesday was busy enough, and I hate making phone calls, so I was really hoping Athena would get an email.

On Wednesday, I decided to suck it up and make the call, so I referred back to the email, and then, realizing that the interviews start at 9am and they can't accomodate late comers, and San Francisco is like three or four hours away, we thought we might want to check with our home teacher, who would be driving, to see if this was possible, and if he'd be willing to wake up that early. He had an appointment to visit us on Wednesday, so we figured we could wait until he stopped by. But he forgot. Again. Thursday I was too stressed about other things to deal with it, but then we ended up calling him on Friday because of our desperate need to see Doogal.

On the way to the movie theater, we talked it over with him, and he said he has no problem being on the road at five; he was just a little concerned about our ability to make ourselves presentable for a job interview before five in the morning. This is something we're a little concerned about ourselves (mostly because waking up that early kind of makes everything surreal, and being in a surreal situation doesn't make interviews any easier). But we might still have the option of going the night before and staying somewhere. We haven't decided yet.

We didn't get back from the movie until after normal work hours, so I figured I was safe for the weekend, but I was planning to try calling on Saturday anyway, because there is the chance that they would be open, and I didn't want to get a lecture from Celeste about procrastinating. But then Celeste called before we had a chance to do anything other than watch our Saturday morning cartoons, and when she did, she didn't ask about it, so I decided it was safe to wait until Monday.

Which brings us to today. I finally made the call, and, as we suspected, the person on the other end was very very nice, and I'm scheduled to go in on March 17th. I asked about Athena's application, and she looked it up and said it never went through. So Athena applied again, and hopefully all will be well, though I really hope there was more than one opening for interviews on the 17th, because it would be a pain to have to go more than once. That's what I get for talking when I should be listening. I hate being nervous.
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