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We did it!

We finished our translation of In/Spectre! And we were wondering why our editor never emailed to check up on us, but when we turned it in, we got an auto-reply about how he's out of the office until Monday, so I guess we would have had the whole weekend. But we wouldn't have wanted to use it anyway.

Lately, I've been thinking about burnout and realizing that it's a lot like tephrosis in Fire Force. In Firce Force, tephrosis is what happens when someone with fire powers keeps using those powers even after they've overheated. I think we keep using our translation powers when we're already overheated, but the problem is I don't know if we're aware enough to tell when we're overheated. We keep working, because we're like, "Well, I'm still conscious, so I guess I can't be overheated. Besides, these deadlines aren't going to meet themselves!"

But then I think about the consequences of tephrosis, and they're pretty serious, so I definitely think we need to chill out somehow. For now, that means we'll be taking Monday off. And on the bright side, we did a word count on that volume of In/Spectre, and it did turn out to be significantly wordier than the recent previous volumes, so the trouble we had with it isn't necessarily from losing our touch.

And on the brighter side, we finished work early enough that we could watch an episode of Miraculous and not be up too late. We would have watched the episode anyway, but now we get to sleep that much sooner! And it was the Frozer episode! Ooohhh, that episode...

Anyway, sleep. Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation, getting to watch the Frozer episode of Miraculous, the chocolate cookies that gave us energy and boosted morale, getting to take Monday off, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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