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Still tired

Today was a little rough. We're still not feeling 100%, and In/Spectre was being very very tricky. It felt like one of those things where the characters get trapped in a special space when you keep running and running but you never get anywhere, because we kept working and working and it felt like we didn't make any progress. After two days of editing it, we still have a third of the script to go, and it's due tomorrow. But on the bright side, after tomorrow, we think we have enough room in our schedule to take a day off to just rest and recover. And then we need to get right back to work, because the next Sailor Moon deadline is not far off, and we have another book to translate before that. It's best not to think about it too much; it only makes me tired.

I will say, though, that, what with people being under the weather and all, we did make it a point not to work all day. We took about an hour and a quarter to watch some TV. Mostly Miraculous, to the surprise of no one.

Today I'm thankful for being almost done editing that one chapter, getting to watch the Syren episode of Miraculous, Page making sure we're not too lonely while also (surprisingly) not getting on the laptop (I guess it's too warm for that), this week's Edens Zero not giving us too much trouble, and plans for a three-day weekend.
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