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Love in Focus volume 2

We tried to take it easy today, because we still weren't at 100%, but I think we're still on track to finish this translation on time. It got to be extra exciting, because here we are working on In/Spectre when we find out that they are going to have the premiere of the anime at Anime Expo! WOOHOO!! And! they're going to have the voice actor for Kuro there, too! AAAAAHHH! I mean, we were excited enough that he's coming to Anime Expo at all, but now we know he'll be promoting something we're already working on! We're hoping this means we'll have a greater chance of at least getting to say hi.

But enough excitement about that! It's Review Rednesday! And we have a review of Love in Focus volume two to post! Spoilers ahead!

Things have slowed down juuuuust a little, and we've managed to relax enough that now that we have a few minutes, we realize we have the energy and probably should write a review! Then we look at the list of to-be-reviewed manga, see Love in Focus, and think, "Aw, darnit, that was forever ago. I don't remember anything!" Athena says, "Let's started right after whatsisname told whatsisname he can't have whatshername." I believe the names in question are Kei, Amemura-kun, and Mako, respectively. Let me just go check how long ago that was. ...Only three and a half weeks. Ha, ha, ha.

Okay, so Kei warned Mitsuru to keep his hands off his beloved Mako, which was a super great idea because before, Mitsuru was maybe only kind of aware that he was interested in Mako, but now he's fully aware that he likes her. Smooth move, Kei. Real smooth. Fortunately(?) for Kei, he's at least smart enough to realize that he made a mistake, not that that's going to help him now. On the other hand, Mitsuru is like the sweetest guy ever, because when he feels the urge to get closer to Mako, he also remembers that Kei told him not to, and he actually honors that. He has no reason to want to stay in Kei's good graces, as far as we know, because (despite Mako's claims) he's so antisocial they weren't even really friends to begin with, so I thought that was awfully nice of him. On the other hand, maybe he did it for the same reason he got himself traumatized by cameras, which is that he's terrified of disappointing people? Making them mad at him? I don't know, one of those reasons that makes people afraid of everybody. As a casual observer, I can say forget Kei, he's being a jerk, but surely it doesn't feel that way for Mitsuru.

After listing things that happen (she gets up early; she's all hey, Amemura-kun, you're up early; he's all I always get up this early; they walk to school together; she almost gets hit by a bicycle and awkwardness ensues...), we finally remembered one of the main important plot points, which is that there's a photo exhibit thingie coming up, and the photography club adviser dude says bring in all your recent photos and we'll discuss what you could enter in this exhibity thing. And Mako's all, "But all my recent pictures are of Amemura-kun..." so she asks him for permission! ...It's like, "Okay, where's the drama in this series?" Everybody's so reasonable. Even the next part, where Mitsuru's like, "I don't care. You can't tell that's me in any of them." But then! there's a slight uptick in emotional content when they come across...the closeup!! Dun dun DUN! And he goes, "You can't use that one." And she goes, "Aww, okay." See? No drama. But she does add, "But that was my favorite." Theirs is a very low-key romance, which I think is probably way more likely to last, frankly.

Meanwhile, we get...a flashback! Kei's life is ever so slightly more dramatic, because his dad is a jerk, too! Well, I guess he comes by it honest. But they're jerks in different ways. (In Kei's defense, there have been much jerkier love rivals. He's only a little bit of a jerk, because this is Yoko Nogiri.) Basically, the flashback was like: Kei's dad: Ugh, you and the cameras! I want you to get a real job! Now get back to studying! Kei: But I am studying! It's not like I'm gonna take over the family business anyway! Kei's brother: Yeah, Dad, be nice to Kei. And there was some comparison in the whole "why can't you be more like your brother" vein, but Kei couldn't hold it against his brother, because his brother was basically his only ally...except for Mako! What! ...I mean, of course we all knew that.

And then we learn more about Kei's middle school career. We did not realize, when Mako told Nene that Kei had a girlfriend in middle school, she meant Kei had girlfriendS with an S. It's not like he was a player or anything, though. It's that he was really hot, and all the girls loved him, and he was a nice guy and flattered, so he accepted their love confessions, but they inevitably found out his heart had already been claimed, and they broke up with him. You'd think that at some point word would have gone around to all the girls that he wasn't worth the effort. But maybe he only had two or three girlfriends. Well, eventually he realized that he was too much in love with Mako to be a decent boyfriend to anybody else, so he broke up with his current girlfriend and was single ever since.

But he never told her he loved her, because he's a stupid boy. When he and Mitsuru ended up alone again, Mitsuru was like, "Seriously, dude, why don't you tell her?" and Kei was like, "I have to beat her in a photography contest first," and Mitsuru was like, "...Wow." Mitsuru really is the best boy here.

So why were Mitsuru and Kei alone together, you ask? Because the whole inn went to Lucas's villa for a photography camp to prepare for the exhibition thingie! I don't know; I feel like it was important to point that out. It was super cute, though, because they convinced the non-photographer Mitsuru to go along by taking the dog with them, and then the teacher was all, "I have a spare camera if you want to take some pictures," and he was all, "No thanks," and Mako was all, "You can take pictures of the dog!" and he couldn't resist! And the spare camera turned out to be the exact same kind Kei uses, so Mr. Adviser decided to let him show Mitsuru how to use it. So Kei decided he was going to be annoying and bug Mitsuru about Mako. He really makes a lot of bad decisions.

Here's another one: Mako fell and scraped her knee while being herself, and he left her alone with Mitsuru to get the first aid kit. I mean, it's good that he cares enough about her to risk that in order to make sure she doesn't get a lethal infection or anything,'s just scraped knees. And while he was gone! It started raining! And the trees weren't very good cover, I guess, because Mako had to stand closer to Mitsuru to keep out of the downpour. And to make matters worse (for no one but Kei)! while they're standing there talking, and Mako's all bummed out because her obsession got her hurt again and she knows she needs to be careful and etc., Mitsuru tells her exactly the same thing her grandfather used to tell her! This, of course, is super bad news for Kei, because as we all know, if there's one thing Mako cares about more than photography, it's her grandfather.

I think I wanted to say something about the wild mint, but I don't remember.

So Kei comes back and bandages Mako up, and now for some reason Mako can't bring herself to take pictures of Mitsuru, which is a bummer for her because she's going against her grandfather's advice to take pictures of anything that touches her heart. She asks Kei about it, and he realizes exactly what the problem is! And lies to her and says it's just a slump! But in the meantime, hey, you should know I like you. Dun dun DUN! This was really cute, because it literally gave Mako a fever.

Meanwhile, Kei goes off to angst, and Lucas finds him! And we finally find out the deal with Lucas, who seemed awfully insistent that he loves all the ladies and never could pick a favorite. He's like, "Look, Kei, my dude, your love problems have nothing on my love problems." Maybe it's just the trends in mainstream media these days, but I was absolutely sure Lucas was going to tell Kei that he was gay. On the other hand, that probably wouldn't have been as difficult a hurdle in this day and age as his actual problem, which is that he's in love with his brother's wife. That is a tricky one. And I've read a lot of shoujo manga, so all I can say is, "Don't give up, Lucas! There's someone else out there for you!"

I think after that, we just have the part where Mitsuru helps Mako figure out what it is that Kei likes likes about her, and gets thiiiiiis close to confessing himself. Dun dun DUN!

And that's all I have to say about it, I think. I feel bad, always waiting forever to review this series. Maybe we'll write the review for the last one in a more timely manner. But anyway, it always seems to pop up when we're in the middle of a whirlwind, so it's hard to think about it too much, but I think I really like it. And we hope you really like it, too!

Aww, I do really like this series. (...and I also really like that the writing style of this review seemed to be influenced by Miraculous despite the fact that it was written at a time when we had forgotten our Miraculous love.)

And we thought there was going to be a new release this week, but! it turns out it won't be until next week, which means there will be two releases next week! (I don't mean to spoil anything but their initials are Missions of Love and Noragami♥♥♥ (oh my gosh, that volume of Noragami is SO GOOD!)) And we did have a new release last week, so tune in next week for our review of My Monster Secret 16!

Today I'm thankful for the In/Spectre premiere coming to Anime Expo, reminders of how cute Love in Focus is, getting to take it easy today, making decent progress on work anyway, and getting to watch the Fright(n)ingale episode of Miraculous again.
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