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Sisters Day

Work was interrupted today when we took a very quick break to watch TV. It was really only supposed to be for a few minutes, but as soon as Athena sat down, Page hopped up onto her lap. So we ended up at the TV longer than planned, and when Page got up, she came right over and sat on my lap...and that was the end of work for the day. ...Okay, we tried to get back to work, but it just wasn't working (ha, ha...), so we decided we're going to have to finish it tomorrow. Fortunately, the thing we were working on was very small.

But back to our Memorial Day report! We spent most of Friday trying to get all our work done...and miraculously succeeding! Huzzah! So when Gaston came back from hockeying down south, we were all ready to hitch a ride with him up north. But first, none of us had had dinner, so we stopped by a local Blaze Pizza. The guy who rang us up complimented Athena and me on our Kingdom Hearts t-shirts and asked if we'd played Kingdom Hearts III.

...And it looks like I may not have mentioned this, or at least I didn't tag it because I can't find a mention of it in our tagged posts, but we decided recently to check out the English dub of the game. It was awful, and we were very sad that our beloved game series is dressed so inadequately for English-speaking audiences. So when this guy asked us if we'd played KH3, we said, "Yes, and we are so sorry about the terrible dialogue." Because that's really how we feel about it--as translators, we know that it could and should be better. He said, "I've just accepted it." That seems to be the general attitude of people who played Kingdom Hearts III, and we think that shouldn't have to be the case, either. It has us even more frustrated with the state of translated works, and on the one hand, we're considering what we can do about it, but on the other, we just want to watch Miraculous all the time.

Anyway, dinner was tasty and the ride up to Gaston and Alice's house was uneventful. We spent the night there and hitched a ride up to Mom's house with Sarah, because she lives in the same town as Gaston and Alice. And once we got to Mom's house, Celeste joined us and all five of us plus Steve headed out for our Sisters Day. (I really have no explanation for the head count.)

First stop: lunch! We went to a burger place called House of Juju or something like that? I don't know why it's named that; all I know is that they have burgers with your choice of beef or bison meat. I was hoping someone would try the bison because, much as I hate food, I'm also fascinated by it, but nobody was up to the challenge. (Steve had had it before, but apparently it's too dry or something if it isn't cooked just right.) Athena and I got a chili burger, because any other burger had gross vegetables, and I liked it pretty well. I think in most cases, the food was either great or bleh, but Athena and I had lunch and that's the important thing for us, since we have a nasty habit of not getting enough to eat when we go out, resulting in our feeling very sick at the end of the day.

I should also note that all the burgers and all the salads were named after the same set of famous women, and the ones that were more Greek-inspired were named Athena. We were a little disappointed (but not really surprised) when we saw the description and went, "Yeah, we can't eat any of that." Sarah tried it as one of her sliders, though, and I think she said she liked it, but I forgot. There was a lot of conversation that day. Athena tells me that Sarah said she liked the Athena burger better than the other one she had tried (the sliders came in a set of three), but she hadn't tried the one with bacon yet, so.

Once everyone was fed, it was time for the main event: the escape room! We did an escape room last year on Memorial Day weekend, and we had a lot of fun, so, since nobody could think of any other fun things to do in the area (except for special zoo experiences, which would be rude of us to do without taking the kids), we decided to do another one! Tadah! And because we're all suckers for a good theme, we decided to go to the same place where we did a Harry Potter potions escape room last year and do their Indiana Jones themed room. And this one was at least as fancy as the one we did last time, only it started us off in a super tiny little passageway sort of closety space, which is not great for people with claustrophobia. Fortunately, we managed to find our way into the pharaoh's tomb before it got to be too much for anybody. They had some pretty neat mechanisms, too, including a giant rolling boulder! That was a bit startling, when I undid a bunch of locks and suddenly this giant rock started falling from the ceiling.

We all felt pretty good about it, because we only got a couple of clues that weren't, "You're right, just try the lock again!" And! we only had about three minutes before we ran out of time, but we made it out and found out afterward that it was their hardest room! And considering the fact that our biggest trouble was our inability to properly handle locks, and had nothing to do with our problem-solving abilities, we felt pretty good about it.

After that, we went to another place for dessert. Celeste had been there before and discovered their churro donuts, which she has declared the Best Thing Ever, so we all went to try them. Only Mom and Sarah ordered cheesecake instead. And then there was only one cheesecake left, so Sarah got bread pudding. We got the donuts and saw they were all twisty, and then we got excited because we love crullers, but Celeste very passionately denied that there was anything cruller about them. And I guess we were waiting for everybody else to be served, because for some reason we couldn't verify this fact right away.

Eventually we were able to eat the donuts, and it turns out that they really weren't crullers, and that we are nowhere near as into churros as Celeste is. In fact, I find myself to be rather weary of cinnamon in general lately, and I'm not sure why, because I can't remember us eating a lot of cinnamon recently. But they were served with ice cream, which was quite tasty.

After we finished our desserts, we went back to Mom's house to enjoy some more conversation until it was time for the young mothers to go back home and attend to their children. Mom always wants to make sure we have a good time when we visit, so she had asked us what we wanted to do, and I mentioned going to the Verizon store to maybe upgrade our phones. I figured it would be better to do it with Mom because our usual ride doesn't seem interested in smartphones and I don't want to impose. Mom has an old smartphone that she wasn't using anymore, so she suggested taking it to the Verizon store and transferring all our data onto it so we could basically upgrade my phone for free. (Athena never uses her phone, so we figured it was better than nothing. Mostly I want a smartphone because my camera is completely dead and my phone sometimes seems like it's getting close to retiring anyway...come to think of it, I think it's almost nine years old.)

So she charged her phone and off we went! But when we got to the store and the representative plugged it in to transfer my phone number to it (turns out they don't transfer all the data at the stores; go figure), it wouldn't turn on! Dun dun DUN! We figured there might be something wrong with the charger, so we decided to take it home and try it with a different charger before changing anything with our account. When we got back, Mom discovered there was something wrong with the charger--it wasn't plugged in to the wall. D'oh. But by that time, I had had time to think about it, and I wasn't really feeling right about this whole plan, so Mom told me to let her know if I changed my mind, and ultimately I forgot all about it.

After our Verizon adventures, we went to Celeste's house where Gilderoy and Rosetta were happy to show off for us. ...I feel like I should mention what they showed off, but mostly what I remember is the chaos. And the cat...who seemed to be simultaneously desperate to escape the chaos and unable to resist it. And the dog, who was kept outside, but would sometimes hop up to look in the window. They also have a tortoise, but he stays outside, too, and can't hop up to look in the window.

When we left their house, we stopped at In-N-Out for dinner, which is odd, considering we'd had burgers for lunch, but Athena and I are okay with eating the same thing for every meal, so we didn't question it at the time. Then we went back to Mom and Steve's house and watched George of the Jungle. I liked it well enough (I'd seen it before, but many years ago), but it did nothing to contradict my theory that I'm just not that into movies.

And that concludes our Saturday. More on our trip next time!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely Sisters Day, escaping the pharaoh's tomb with time to spare, getting most of our work done today, getting to hang out with Page, and our fancy package arriving.
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