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It's interesting how things work out sometimes

Today the girl who has offered to give us a ride to church every week since she lives sort of across the street had to be there early for choir practice. So she called and gave us three options: 1)we could go early with her, 2)her roommate could drive us to church, or 3)we could call our home teacher. We wanted a little more time to get ready for church, and on Friday we told our home teacher that we already had a ride, so we opted to go with her roommate.

Her roommate has a bad habit of being late, which Athena remembered, so it wasn't really a problem. And since we were waiting for a long time, I decided that, instead of waiting until we could afford to pay tithing on both of our most recent checks, I should write a tithing check for the earliest one that we hadn't paid tithing on. Waiting like that always makes me think, "Maybe since I've been given this time, I should use it to do what I should."

As it turns out, the roommate seemed to be trying not to be late, but first she couldn't find her keys, and then she realized she didn't have our number. So she looked it up in an old ward directory, and it wasn't there, so she had to keep calling people until she found someone whose phone wasn't off because they were already in church. And that makes me think that the reason she was late was so that I would decide to write a tithing check. Now that I'm typing it up, it seems really obvious. Duh, you pay tithing, even if you can't pay all of it. (The reason we couldn't pay all of it was that as soon as the check was deposited into our account, part of it went to the gas & electric bill which was due on Friday, and then the phone company called yesterday and got a big chunk of it, so we only had enough left to pay tithing for the last check, which went entirely to rent.)

But, because I paid tithing, I talked to the Bishop, and he asked how we were doing, and I got to tell him that we aren't quite sure about rent for this month, and we'll be meeting with him about that tomorrow. And if we can get rent taken care of for this month, we think we can stop being poor. We might even get to go to the grocery store! That will be the day.

On the other hand, we're still not sure if we really deserve to have all our rent paid like this, but we'll talk to the Bishop about it tomorrow. Maybe we'll just get help for part of it.

And tonight I'm thankful that they had cookies at the RS leadership meeting today, and that we made it home from church today, and for taquitos, the prospect of being able to buy groceries in the near future, and sofa cushions.
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