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Behind schedule

Work is still not going as quickly as we hoped. We worked all the way to bedtime...and then defied bedtime and watched an episode of Miraculous...but the point is, we're still behind schedule! Aaaaahhh! But all we can do is keep going and hope and pray for the best.

In that same vein, we got our second "got your application" confirmation emails from Anime Expo today, so now we have to decide if we want to wait for them to send the followup instructions or email them just to be sure. Because they say they'll come in two to three weeks, and that's after the deadline. And we really want to go to Anime Expo this year. Fortunately, we have some time before the deadline to think about it.

Today I'm thankful for not being quite as far behind as it seemed like we might end up being, Cat Noir's hilariously annoying bravado in the Evillustrator episode, the knowledge that we will be done with this book before the end of the week, Miraculous not keeping us up too too late, and having enough background knowledge of the subject material in this series that we know where to go for research for at least a third of it.
Tags: anime expo, miraculous, saint young men

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