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Getting back on track

Well, we missed our deadline yesterday, but we turned it in today and our editor made sure to tell us more than once that it was okay. We've been told this series is pretty low priority these days, and that probably has something to do with the fact that it actually was okay, but I'm starting to think our editors are catching on to the fact that we're overloaded. I really wish we weren't, though, because I really do wish we could just translate all the manga. I mean, sure, part of it is that we hate saying no because we don't want to disappoint anyone, but another part of it is legitimately that we want control over to be involved with all of these stories. (Although there have been some series that we'd translate and be like, "Okay, that was annoying. Somebody else can do it now.")

On the bright side, it at least feels like we don't have to work all day, so we spent the evening watching Miraculous as usual, and we're feeling pretty good about life. Getting to watch a few episodes of Miraculous gives us the same satisfaction we get from enjoying a good meal with good friends. I think it's exactly the morale boost we need. ...And we have a lot of work we need to finish by the end of next week, so I hope the morale boost is enough to keep productivity high enough that we can still have time for Miraculous. (We've almost finished Season 2 again, and then we're going to start all the way back at the beginning of Season 1. We're so excited!)

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch Miraculous, getting to have another fun Target outing with our friend from church, Target having six-packs of Kinder Joy, finishing the late translation with time to make good progress on our next assignment, and getting to see another good episode of Freelancers.
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